WTT/WTS Dakota Tactical D54K-N $3500 Last Price drop

Jun 1, 2018
Burlington, IA
I’ve been wanting to get into long range shooting and I have too many sbrs. I’m looking to trade my like new current production D54K-N. I’ve put exactly 35 rounds through it. Includes upgraded Four Position Navy Ambi Trigger housing. Pistol is currently pending on a form 1 but I’ve sent a letter to withdraw the application. Possible trades include:
M40A5 builds
M24 Builds
High End Glass
McMillan Tac338
Mk13 Mod 5
Trades can go +/- cash. I also have an unfired sico omega 9k pending on form 4 that is up for trade/sale.
Thanks for looking

Trade value $3700
Cash Value $3500 LAST PRICE DROP
54ABA31B-96CC-4613-8D89-87BD14964836.jpeg D54DF9CC-0AF0-4ADD-8DB0-721C1D53C919.jpeg
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