WTT seekins, cmc, wilson combat 6.8 spc


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Oct 10, 2011
texas, fort worth
looking to turn my 6.8 into an optic or stock/chassis for origin sa. seekins billet upper and lower. seekins 15" noxs hand guard. wilson combat 18" recon barrel. wilson combat bcg. cmc flat shoe trigger. ergo f93 black buttstock. a few pri mags of various capacities. this rifle has less than 50 rounds through it and so far has proven to be very accurate. looking for a 15-21 top end optic of some variety or manners elite, mpa, bravo,etc. not that picky but needs to be high quality. pretty open on this one as I find myself shooting the ar10 more often. happy to send pics via text or e mail. can include a trijicon 1.25-4 in larue mount or swfa 1-6hd in larue mount or burris xtrii 1.5-8 dfp in larue mount for a complete package.
Open to other trades as well. 20190107_192529.jpg 20190107_192524.jpg 20190107_192517.jpg 20190107_192503.jpg 20190107_192456.jpg
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