WTT: New Intrepid Tactical RAS-12 12 gauge Upper *SOLD*


Apr 28, 2012
12 ga upper that fits on a DPMS pattern AR10 lower. Looking for a 15" XLR Evolution for a SA RH Remmy 700 footprint with rails or other accessories.

Intrepid RAS-12 Shotgun AR10 Upper Kit, 18.5" 5rd PMag
Includes complete piston upper, buffer spring, modified BCM charging handle and one 5 round modified Magpul Pmag.

Link ===> https://www.tombstonetactical.com/c...complete-upper-receiver-12-ga-18in-5rd-black/

The RAS-12 is the only 12 gauge system available for the AR10 platform. The system provides the rapid ability to change from a rifle to a shotgun and makes the AR10 a true modern sporting shotgun. It features 2-pin rapid deployment, monolithic carrier group, proprietary RAS-12 bolt, and provides AR10 system familiarity. A True Drop On fit for AR10 lower receivers. (DPMS Type).

The RAS-12 is an 18.5" 12 gauge shotgun upper that fits on a standard AR-10 lower and uses Magpul PMag AR-10 magazines. RAS-12 12 gauge ammunition is a rimless, polymer shotgun shell with a cone or ball tip for enhanced loading and feeding. The ITS Buckshot delivers a 9-pellet, 1.1oz payload at 1200fps.

The RAS-12 comes with a railed handguard, “Scorpion” breaching muzzle device, and one five round Magpul PMag ( a converted 20rd. Magpul .308 PMag). The RAS-12 uses a piston operating system, and features a “monolithic” 12 gauge bolt carrier. The manual of arms is nearly identical to the AR platform, including field-stripping. Unlike other box magazine-fed 12GA semi-auto shotguns, the RAS 12 features an auto bolt hold open, straight insert magazines, and is easy to load and charge on a closed bolt.

RAS-12 AR-10 Complete in .12 GA, Intrepid Tactical part number 14-3001
Intrepid Tactical 143001 RAS-12 AR-10 Complete Upper Receiver .12 GA 18in 5rd Black

Intrepid Tactical RAS-12 Upper RAS-12 18.1" Black Scorpion Muzzle Break DPMS Style AR10 Lower Receiver 8Rd 14-3001

Accessories - Scorpion Muzzle Break
Barrel Length - 18.1"
Capacity - 8Rd
Finish/Color - Black
Fit - DPMS Style AR10 Lower Receiver
Caliber - RAS-12
Manufacturer - Intrepid Tactical
Manufacturer part # - 14-3001
Model - RAS-12
Type - Upper


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