WTT need Ruger 10/22 HB stock

Sep 23, 2006
Northern Indiana
Want to trade for a Ruger 10/22 HB stock. The Hogue overmolded would work as would. Prefer a better quality stock but not a high dollar one.

I have lots of items including but not limited to

Badger Rem SA 0MOA rail,
Tactical Tailor Tan/FDE stock pack,
Eagle Black stock pack,
Leupold Med or High (?) Mk4 Tactical rings
Leupold Rem SA ring and base sets.
Reloading components mostly Nosler, Sierra and Hornady.
Magpul AR mags,
Black Dog 22lr mags,
Wilson Combat 1911 mags.
RCBS Carbide 38 Special dies,
RCBS Carbide 38/357 dies,
RCBS Carbide 40 S&W/10mm,
Bonanza 7x57 die set with neck sizer.
RCBS 257 Roberts die set as new,
RCBS 257 Roberts die set (in 270 win box)

Try me