WTS Tuebor Precision Raider SS SA and barrel option


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Feb 14, 2017
Hey guys, I was going to sell my 6.5 creed Win70 and build on this but since that rifle hasn’t moved yet and I didn’t get a ton of interest so I think I’ll just keep that one.

Tuebor Raider SS RH SA with 308 bolt face and 20 MOA base.

Your choice of a Bartlein 6.5 cal 27” 1:8 Heavy Palma or Rock Creek .224 27” 1:8 twist light Palma barrel.

$1450 shipped with your choice of one of the barrels. I will separate it if I get a buyer lined up for the action and at least one barrel.

Will ship from a FFL so no worry whether yours accepts from an individual.