WTS/T Manners Elite T4A Tikka w/ EFR/DBM for Tikka MPA, MDT or XLR Chassis


Jul 27, 2017
I have a great condition Manners T4A with the Elite carbon fiber shell in the Elite Midnight camo pattern.
Adjustable cheek piece with KMW hardware
Bipod stud up front
2 left side flush cups
Badger EFR installed by LRI
CDI DBM(short action)
4.5" Pig Skins Barricade Pad
SAP 2 round holder
Wiebad Mini Stock Pad(for cheek piece)

Total was $1105 for the stock(including the price of the EFR if purchased from Manners; I didn't and it cost a lot more), $200 for the DBM and $67.50 for the accessories.
I'll take $1k shipped for it all and will throw in a 10 rnd mag at that price.

I'll also consider trading it(+/- $ as needed) for a Tikka S/A chassis from MPA, MDT, or XLR. i'm flexible on models, but need Arca Swiss compatibility and to be able to mount a clip on up front.
I'm happy to provide pictures of the Manners.
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