WTS: Springfield Armory M1A National Match (Must go TONIGHT!!)

Jun 5, 2013
Lacey, WA
Evening all,

Have an M1A that I need to move ASAP. It's in excellent condition and I'd like to move it tonight. Hopefully the price shows that, though I'm no expert. :)

Background as far back as I am aware: This M1A National Match is serial 020160. It was built in 1981 and purchased in late 1981. It was taken to Camp Perry to compete in 1986 and otherwise has been a safe queen. Outside of that, there's not much else to be told.

The package consists of:
Springfield Armory M1A National Match
Springfield Armory Optic Mount
5x 20 round magazines
Cleaning kit with tools.

The barrel reads NM on the top, front sight reads NM, rear sight is hooded/peep, etc. It's already packed up in the box as I had a buyer back out on me, so that's the best I can tell you right now. I just need to move it with a quickness to pay a bill (Wife just broke her ankle).

Asking Price: $1450 shipped.

Payment Methods: Paypal gift or regular and you pay fees

Shipping: Usps Priority mail to your FFL


Please IM or e-mail for fastest replies. This is posted on multiple forums so going by IM/Post/Email time stamps.

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Oct 1, 2005
Dallas, TX
Sorry to hear about your wife's ankle.
Good luck with the sale, hopefully you get it moved soon.

It's a beautiful rifle, I'd love to get it, but don't have quite enough spare right now.

Somebody will enjoy it, those older ones often a lot nicer than the new production ones.
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