Apr 21, 2007
Zachary, Louisiana
For anyone here that has an M40A1 with the Simrad cap on the mount, this mounts perfect. I know because that is what I used it for. This is an excellent price for this unit. Item is priced to sell. Picture is clear as hell and anyone that has used one can tell you that.

This will work with the Sphur mount simrad cap, but it's not as tight a fit as the simrad caps for the M40A1 mounts. I had to wrap tape around the scope objective and the unit eyepiece to get a tight fit, but it can be done. Yes I shot it like this and no I did not lose zero or have zero issues. Unit was built in 2001 but serviced in the last 3 years per the previous owner. I have owned this unit for the last 2 years.

Comes with the hard case, soft case, lens paper packet, quick reference guide (Yellow laminate) and the Dept. of the Navy Manual.

Price is firm at $1500 as I paid nearly double that 2 years ago. This is a great price for anyone wanting some very good NV at a great price. If you have any questions, please PM me.

Also if anyone wants me to add the Sphur Simrad Cap I can for an additional $75.00 which is the cheapest you will find it anywhere else except you won't have to pay shipping.

I accept PayPal as a friend/gift meaning you will get the item shipped the next day. I will accept bank checks or personal checks. I will NOT accept Money Orders. The less I have to deal with anything USPS the better.

NO TRADES at this time. Thank you.


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