SOLD WTS - Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader, Timney trigger, Talleys, Parkers - $770 Shipped


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Feb 16, 2017
Selling my R.U.M with some extras. I had shoulder surgery and no longer enjoy shooting anything with this much recoil. I got this from a friend who is into muzzle stuffers, shot 3 rds, 2 rds at 100 that were touching and 1 at 260 yards (center of 5” bull) and never shot it again. $770 for the ML and accessories. Also, comes with 24 of the cases that have been primed with 215M primers.

929C5C94-946C-44FD-B3BE-EC7EBED281FE.jpeg 2E667668-DBD2-49D7-BD8D-3C7B5F608B96.jpeg 936B8791-1C08-4311-B385-47277BD930ED.jpeg
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