wts R700 PSS 300wm package or part *BA spf*

Mar 20, 2013
Central Jefferson
*Barreled action spf, will move parts to Parts when it's gone*

Rem 700 PSS 300 WM, cut to 22" and installed Precision Armament M41 brake.
Dropped in to an AICS AX pre2014 chassis. Have 1 10rnd and 2 5rnd mags. I had the rail cut to clear an NSX 8-32X56 while mounted in the direct mount, then ended up poaching the glass for another rifle.
NightForce Direct Mount with bubble level cap
Vortex HS LR 4-16 ffp MOA Christmas tree reticle
Bipod not available
I believe it is 15.4lbs, but that may have been with a different scope, probably an SIII, before the rail was cut

Had 95 rounds through it when I bought it, I'm fairly certain I only fired about 40 but we'll call it <200 fired

I'd like to get $xxx plus shipping for the package.
As for breaking it up-
Chassis with mags $900
Barreled action with brake $400(spf)
NF mount $190
Scope $500 (should have box etc)

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Trigger is x mark, NOT the external adjustment one.

Also I just remembered, the muzzle threads function perfectly, are 5/8x24, but the guy who threaded them had an issue with the lathe so there's some kind of chatter on them. Glad I remembered before I sent it off!

The crap on themuzzle crown was loctite and carbon, just blew it off IMG_20181013_144702867.jpg IMG_20181013_144526669_HDR.jpg
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