WTS- LH Defiance Deviant Actions

Mar 21, 2010
Lubbock, TX
I have for sale 2 Defiance Deviant actions, multiple barrels, LH jewel trigger and a Manners T5A adjustable gap camo stock bedded for Defiance.

1.) Defiance Deviant LH 308 BF Ceracoated in Black
800 rounds on action
Bought from 3rdgss.com in Oklahoma
Standard tang, recessed bolt nose, standard spiral flute

2. Defiance Deviant LH 308 BF uncoated
700 rounds on action, 20 moa rail, standard tang
Bought from 3rdgss.com in Oklahoma

Also have magnum bolt face Nitrided bolt that will fit both actions $250

Have barrels chambered in 6x47, 6.5x47 and 6.5 saum.

Manners T5A LH adjustable stock in gap camo bedded for Drfiance Deviant actions with Hawkins Precision bottom metal

New job and 2nd kid has changed my approach towards match shooting and have a whole lot less time then I thought I would have

If you have any questions or need more pictures, please let me know. I can mix and match and make a full rifle package.



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