WTS: KAC EMC 16" dimpled barrel rifle w/ some extras-SOLD

Apr 21, 2007
Zachary, Louisiana
Manufacturer: Knight's Armament

Model: 16" EMC w/ dimpled barrel

Action type (bolt, semi, lever, etc): Semi-Auto

Caliber: 7.62/308

Barrel Specs:
  • Manufacturer: Knight's Armament
  • Twist Rate: 1/11 Twist
  • Length: 16" Chrome Lined, Ball Mill Dimpled Barrel, 7.62x51mm
  • Thread pitch (if applicable): 3/4x24
  • Barrel conversions (AXMC, DTA, PVA, etc): N/A
Stock configuration (manufacturer, bottom metal, etc): Magpul ACS-L

Accessories/Ammo/Reloading Included: Rifle package will come with the Atlas Bi-Pod ($200.00 value), the Scope rings ($350.00 value), SiCo ASR break ($90.00 value), 2 barely used KAC SR25 mags ($150.00 value), rail panels ($25.00 value), KAC sling attachment ($70.00 value) and rifle ($5500.00 value). Total value over $6300.00. I am asking $5000.00 for everything pictured MINUS the Rianov level and suppressor/cover. Rifle only asking $5000.00 as they don't make these any more and they are getting harder to find. I will part out after the rifle sells. I also have over 700 rnds of Desert Tech 175gr if wanted at an additional cost of $25.00/box (retails for $28.95/box) and I have 220 rnds of FGMM 168gr ready to go for $16.00/box.

Optics (if applicable): none included

Round Count: I am the 3rd owner, but my conversations with the two previous leads me to believe it has less than 300 or right around that including the 50 rnds I have added since acquiring.

Rifle Weight: Never weighed it, but I would guess right at 8 to 9 lbs.

Additional Info: Rifle is used. I have all KAC paperwork (manual test target etc from KAC) and hardcase. Original sale of the rifle as new was back in 2013. Expect some surface scratches, but I believe I got pics of all of them. I sent the rifle serial number and pics of the rifle condition to KAC and was given an estimated value of the rifle alone around $5500.00 based on condition and rarity if that helps any. KAC Test target shows the rifle to be a 0.9 MOA rifle and I can concur with that. It might even be better if you find the right ammo or reload for it. I was shooting FGMM and shot the below groups.

What’s not included in the sale (items like scopes, suppressors, bipods, dogs, tables, etc): Rianov Level and suppressor/cover not included

PRICE: Asking $5000.00 for everything noted above or $4500.00 for the rifle alone. I take PayPal or Certified Bank Check. Buyer pays the 3% fee or pays as a gift so no fee. Buyer must wait till check clears my account. I send pictures of all shipments the day I ship them for tracking purposes.

PLEASE NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. I NEED THE FUNDS FOR A HOME PROJECT. Please PM me if you have any questions. I have bought and sold here a lot. People here can vouch for me.


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