WTS: Custom 300 Win. 1900.00 (Don't miss this)

Nov 21, 2013
Up for sale is my 300 win mag. Approx 200 rounds down the pipe. She is an absolute beauty and hammers with the 208 eldm with a little H1000.

Trued Rem 700 LA with fluted PTG magnum bolt. Bolt has upgraded m16 style extractor. Bartlein 1-10 24 inch barrel, threaded (will come with area 419 universal adaptor as thread protector). Will also come with crisp Timney trigger and 20 moa base.

Barreled action work performed by RW Snyder, which explains the accuracy of this rifle (final load with 208's were half to sub half moa -- Pictured groups were with 212ELDx).

Mounted in a XLR carbon chassis with upgraded stock and pic rail. Comes with one mag. (Bipod and Scope not included) will include a set of high xlr rings to the buyer.

I will throw in all the brass and couple hundred rounds of eldm’s for the buyer. I will also include the Redding Type S Fl bushing die set. This set has the competition micrometer seater.

Final Reduction: (Discrete Paypal Preferred)

1900.00 For Just the rifle and rings
2150.00 For the brass, dies, bullets, rifle, rings -- she's ready to go. Just needs a scope!

IMG_2810.JPG Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 3.21.41 PM.png IMG_2811.jpg


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