Wts 423 dakota brass for 300NM or 338NM


Oct 19, 2009
Aloha state HI
I purchased 50 423dakota lapua brass necked down to 300nm back then and lasted me around 20-+ loadings.decided to try neck down on my own but neck turning isnt my thing or never tried wheat and cream fireforming..i dnt wanna do those extra works..i know lot of you enjoy doing them :)
The whidden die is 375-300 norma magnum custom..
I got 103 pieces i already necked down to .395 my bushings are gradually 010 (395 385 375 365 355 345 338)incriments to slowly necking down these brass..
Die and bushings costed me 185.00 from whidden
423 dakota lapua brass 245.00 i also got 8 pieces i necked turn using my 375ct neck turner extra..
Id like 300.00 OBO shipped for everything
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