Would you buy this Brass: Pulled M118LR?


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Feb 22, 2014
Tampa, FL

I have purchased from RMR before and shoot their bullets in my handguns almost exclusively. I am planning on buying a few hundred pcs of lapua brass when I determine I need more, but the price of these is pretty darn good, less than $230 shipped for 500 pcs of M118LR primed, never fired, brass.

I am debating on the purchase now, not sure if it is worth it vs. just getting lapua or sticking with winchester (that is working quite well for me)
Apr 13, 2006
Texas Hills
I prefer military cases for gas guns. Worth the extra work to clean up as they tend to be thicker and stand up to the violent removal while still slightly malleable better (the M14 is rough and 4 firings before tossing). For bolt guns where you are going to get a lot of firings in a more polite action Lapua or equivalent is the way to go. Guess it also depends what tooling you have for brass case prep or what your expectatons for it are.
Jun 30, 2018
I would do it if I didn't already have at least 500 pieces of LCLR already. Can't beat the price for primed, new cases. Practice with them, then get serious with the once-fired in your own rifle. I bought most of mine once fired, when meant I couldn't do any serious prep on them until I fired them again in my rifle.


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Jun 5, 2011
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You can get .308 Lapua brass from Lapua, 1000 for ~$600. I got a couple cases and that stuff is well worth $150 more than the LC. It's beautiful. I use it in an SR25 and I'm more worried about brass hitting the concrete than anything else. So I'd try and score that if you can. Their online store sometimes has limited quantities but it's worth following up. There was another place I got some from but I just can't recall who and they had prices almost as good. .308 Lapua brass is, or is one of, the cheapest of pretty much all the Lapua brass, so we have that going for us.

Sign up for government auctions, govliquidation (recently they've merged and I haven't been getting my usual notifications for the brass, gonna have fix that). You can find great deals on all kinds of stuff. They had LC .300WM recently, a big wooden case full. Sometimes hard to find brass not used in an MG's, a lot of times it's mixed in the larger lots. I got 10,000 .50BMG LC 13 and 14 for $1000 a couple years ago (freight was that much too but still a killer deal even with the ones I reject).

One of these days hopefully I can find a good barrel of 5.56 and 7.62 brass locally and I can keep what I want and set you guys up with a great deal too.
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