Woods Gun Waist Holster (FNX 45 Tactical/ Gunfighters Inc Ronin)

Mar 3, 2017
Just ordered a FNX 45 Tactical that I plan on converting to a 40 Super or 10mm as an option to carrying around the woods. I'm going to get a Gunfighters Inc Chest holster for it and was wondering how their outside the waistband holster (The Ronin) is? The little bit of reading I have done on it says that it is a great holster for concealment. Comfort is at the top of my priority list, as I don't care about concealing this gun.

Any suggestions on a good holster that would fit the bill for running around the sticks? The chest holster might be the most comfortable, but there are some times when I just like having the gun on my belt. I will also be using a weapon light.



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Jul 9, 2008
I don't have any experience with the specific holster that you mentioned, but when I had an FNX Tactical I carried it in a Raven Concealment OWB holster and was comfy enough for me.
Aug 26, 2013
Kansas City, Missouri
Hill People Gear is the way to go for a woods holster where you don't intend to shoot something, but want the option. Especially if you are using a ruck with a hip belt. I have the heavy recon bag, and it will carry a lot of stuff I like to keep at hand (compass, map, notebook, pen, fire starting shit, etc) along with my Glock with light and extra mag.
Apr 6, 2017
Have their chest holster (kenai or whatever they call it) and for hiking etc. it is very comfortable ( use an xframe revolver and that is still comfortable). If you want a standard hip holster stealth gear owb is good. If you have a backback hip belt really whatever fits I occasionally used a Safariland on a Gregory pack. Favorite for woods is chest by far though. The leather diamond d one I had was ok but the give of the straps on the gunfighter one is more comfortable and quicker to draw in larger predator areas.