Wisconsin Precision Rifle Steel Challenge


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Apr 27, 2014
Franklin, Wi
Matches this season will be held at the Highlands firearms training Academy in Cascade Wisconsin!
It will once again be a point series with a finale. You will need to shoot 3 matches to make the finale unless you take first place.

This will be an amazing opportunity to come and try PRS style matches! These matches will be geared towards the new shooter and slowly progress to faster times near the end of the season!

Stages will range from 200 to 1000 yards! And will be more of a field style match with engaging multiple targets at different yardages! We will still have barricades rooftop tires and all the props you would see at a PRS style match But we will also throw in a good amount of prone shooting! For the longer targets I will be purchasing magneto speed hit indicators to make scoring more easy and fair!

Matches will be $45 and payable via PayPal gift!
I will put out match invites at that time you can pay for that match. There will be no match refunds unless the match is canceled due to weather.

We will be reaching out to previous match sponsors and really do appreciate your continuous support.

Here are the dates
April 28th
Jun 2
July 7th
Sept 15
Oct 20 finale
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Mar 22, 2018
Wausau, WI
I live in Wisconsin, would like to sign up for one of these matches. I currently don't have facebook. How do I sign up? Is attending only one match this year ok? I'm not trying to win anything yet. Just want to get my feet wet. Thanks.