Wind reading exercises, training manual for precision rifle drills?

Krazy Korean

Dec 6, 2018

I've been hooked on the Everyday Sniper Podcast for a couple months now and have blown through most of them. I love the podcasts where you go over wind reading, explain drills, and anything with tons of "nuggets". I was wondering if there was somewhere that had a collaboration of training drills for people who want to improve their skills. I've been trying to gather as many drills as I can from YouTube, forums, social media, etc but I was wondering if there was anyone who had compiled a list of drills with explanations about them. Something laid out like a workout program or even a match book. I try to recreate stages from matches I've been to, but it's sometimes difficult due to land, props, etc. Also, any hints on reading wind through binos? I just ordered a decent pair of bino's (cronus 15*56) and am looking to get a tripod very shortly.

Thanks, and keep the nuggets coming!