Winchester 54 Rebarreling?

May 4, 2008
I'm looking for someone who has worked on Winchester 54's. Specifically in 22 hornet. I have one with a fouled up barrel that needs to be replaced. I've already got the replacement barrel in hand and it's ready to be shipped out for work. Any recommendations?


Battery Operated Grunt
Jun 3, 2010
San Diego, Ca
Chad, ever run across a 54 bolt? I have a 54 (was given to me) sans bolt in 257 Roberts (IIRC). Apparently the widow of the previous owner lost the bolt somewhere...
Winchester 54 rules. Bolts sometimes turn up on gunbroker or eBay but they usually want almost as much as a fair condition rifle. Anyone that can barrel a model 70 can do a 54. In fact Winchester used to rebarrel 54s with 70 barrels. They are the same thread. Very little difference between a 54 and a prewar 70 receiver.
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