Win M70 Action Truing

May 22, 2008
Questions about these actions, I have done 6 rifle builds for myself on Rem 700 actions and am setup for them. I have a Win mod 70 in 300 Weatherby Mag and wanted to play with it. Would you follow the same setup as the Rems. I took the barrel off and noticed the the receiver barrels threads are interupted if you will on each side. Is there any cautions I should be awear of if I go ahead and true this thing up. Any information would be greatly appriciated.
Thanks in advanced.


Sergeant of the Hide
May 28, 2018
Anyone out there able to comment on M70 truing vs R700 truing? How much better/worse is M70 out of the box?

More specifically, in my case, I’m looking at FN TSR XP. I haven’t sent more than 120rds through it, and that was a decade ago. It has the Hogue overmolded green squishy stock it came in and I want to drop it in a Manners, probably with their mini chassis system so I won’t have to bed it (doesn’t need bedding right?). Given I’m going to be in for a grand on the stock, should I really think about dropping the coin to get it trued?

I’m going to redbarrel it in .260 (from .308). Eventually. But I’m thinking first I’ll have it threaded for a brake and burn out the factory barrel. Assuming it will hold 1-3/4 MOA as is, what’s the long term benefit to truing outside increased accuracy?