Who's old enough to remember Pat Summerall's playing days?


Apr 7, 2008
This is indirectly related to Pat Summerall... I was watching an old Super Bowl game and John Madden commenting with Pat Summerall about a Cincinnati coach named "Dick Mojeleski". I didn't know the correct spelling for the last name.

Madden (referring to Dick M.) said something like, "was he 'Little Mo' or 'Big Mo' ?"
and Summerall said, "he was 'Little Mo' ". There was Big Mo, Little Mo, No Mo and Dyna Mo".

My Google-fu was good enough for this much--I found the correct spelling--'Modzelewski', and that Big Mo was his brother, Ed, and No Mo was his brother, Gene. But I can't find a listing for Dyna Mo.

Can one of you guys who remembers Pat Summerall's playing days me clue me in? Who was the 'DynaMo' Madden and Summerall talkin' about? That my Google-fu is too weak to root out "Dyna Mo" is drivin' me nuts.

Thanks! and thanks to Veer for his suggestion! Duh.