When it comes together. . . . First "validation"


Online Training Member
Feb 22, 2014
Tampa, FL
I have been using the training videos, practicing technique, reading etc. I purchased a barreled action from LRI last year and put it into KRG chassis and have been learning my way around the rifle. I have shot and gathered dope, purchased trasol, trued it up, worked on technique, tried out various rear bags etc. in all of this I have been enjoying learning, but also not sure if I am doing the "right things" or not.

this weekend I shot a local 3 gun match, it was my first 3 gun match and this one happened to have a "sniper" stage out to 600yds. any gun goes on that stage, 5 targets (very large targets i might add) and one bonus target (8" gong I think) at 200 (6" gong), 300 (8" gong), 400 (66% torso), 500 (66% torso) and 620 (full torso and a 8" bonus gong) yds.

targets were shot from the prone.

I set everything up, made one last check on trasol for the data for these ranges and at the buzzer I went to work. 6 shots, 6 hits including the bonus, different ranges with a 10mph wind, 38 seconds. I won that stage by a significant margin. I was not the only one to get get 6 hits in 6 shots, but I was the fastest.

i was able to manage the recoil so I saw the splash of every shot and was running the bolt before the spotters called "impact"

I know there are folks here who would run that stage in much quicker and complain because the targets were huge, but it felt good to win that one, and I wasn't the only person running a high end bolt gun either. I wanted to share and say thanks the hide for the knowledge I have gained and the addiction it has kindled.