What's your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

Aug 9, 2012
Jack Reacher only because it actually shows a few reloading things. Could've been a little more accurate but that goes for all of hollywood.


Sergeant of the Hide
Jan 27, 2018
Spencerport, NY
Valkerie was a darn good movie.

He’s good at playing an a-hole, remember the one with Dustin Hoffman being autistic, Rainman, etc. Color of Money was good too.

I’m generally positive about him, he’s about my age and is still in shape, not easy. For supposedly being gay he’s been married to some comely women. And if we gotta live with Muslims and BLM then Scientology doesn’t look so crazy, lots of their people are successful.


Sergeant of the Hide
Apr 25, 2018
I lived in LA for a while and I got to see some of the craziness associated with Scientology, never had a run in with Tom Cruise but did run in to John Travolta and Beck.

You hear stories and then you see for yourself. What I heard about Travolta and Beck matched what I saw (Travolta was in a flight suit/coveralls at a restaurant) so it leads me to believe what I've heard and I've heard more weird stuff about Tom Cruise than Travolta and Beck combined.

More recently I got screwed in a realestate deal by a frickin troll who I found out is a Scientologist. He's also evidently in to astrophotography, probably because he looks bad in sunlight.

Any way, I'll give him Tropic Thunder.
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