What's the hot 338 bullet right now?

Aug 5, 2013
Bullhead City ,AZ
I have used both the 277 cutting edge and the 300 Berger OTM. I have had better results past 2200 yards with the 300 Berger. Both shot very good under 2200. My personal best long shot with the 300 Berger is 2616 yards at and ELR match. Rumor has it Berger is going to offer a 320 something grain OTM I plan on talking to them at Shot Show.
Aug 5, 2013
Bullhead City ,AZ
For what its worth I have shot all the bullets above but the 265 ABLR. I also shot the 300 grain Lapua Scenar. The 2 most accurate bullets past 2200 yards in my AI-PSR were the 300 Berger and the 300 Scenar with the Berger having a better BC and being affected less by the wind then the Lapua. I guess it could come down to which bullets works best in you rifle.
I used the Nosler Custom Comps 300 grain for barrel break in as they were cheap and ended up shooting petty good also.
Mar 15, 2018
I’m answering someone else’s question (hope that’s okay).

I’m also using Hornady 285 gr. ELD’s, still fiddling with the load but I am seeing excellent results at the 100yd mark (I will have chance to go out to 2200 yards later this year).


Barrel: 27” Bartlein / 1-9.5” Twist rate
Powder: Retumbo
Primer: Fed 215
Brass: Hornady
Bullet: Hornady 285gr ELD Match
CBTO: 2.8960 = .060 off Lands / Cartridges will fit a DSSF 3.850” CIP Magazine
COL: 3.7450
Annealed: Yes (AMP Mark II every reload)
Necks Turned to: .1325 (21st Century Shooting Neck Turning Tool)
Neck Tension: .002
Charge: 92.6 gr.

I Shot yesterday (1-13-2019):
Avg. FPS: 2818
ES: 5
SD: 1.88
MOA: .5 (have shot better than .25 with this load at 100 yds)

Have also shot .5 MOA at 92.8 gr. ES: 14 SD: 6.13 Avg. FPS: 2819