Well done, officer.


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Jun 3, 2010
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I wish they'd do more of that shit here in SoCal. Too many text'ers and talker's "lane camping" in the fast line, so they can be distracted and only have to pay attention to one side of their vehicle...fucktards. Those idiots are responsible for 90% of the traffic issues we have today.


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Oct 1, 2005
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We should start a fund to find out who that officer was & pay his lunch for a year.

That's what's called being of service to the whole community.

I'm fairly sure at least in my area, if a small handful of idiots were for some reason no longer driving, traffic would be greatly improved and we could save the environment.


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Feb 27, 2019
Holding the left lane is against the law in most places, it is just not enforced very much. Across the river in Indiana, they are having a big push on the issue and the State is writing the crap out of people for it.


Dec 21, 2009
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Back in the 60's had an Indiana State trooper pull me over for cruising in the left lane. Even though he and I were the only ones on the road, he made it clear that the left lane was ONLY for passing slower traffic.


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Dec 12, 2013
From my experience Iowa plates are on the slow pokes most of the time blocking traffic in the left lane in my area


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Nov 6, 2011
MA has a law about keep right when the right lane is available except when passing. Of course volume of traffic makes it common sense to use both lanes at times.

$105 fine.

If I was a cop my patience for this would probably be about 5 miles or so. Plenty of time to "Oh shit!, Theres a pig behind me"

If that moment never came than if I were a cop Id light them up.

Id bet most of the time these violators pull to the left in the median or stop right there in the travel lane. Its a secondary indication they dont know the rules of the road.

If that happened I would break to the break down lane because Im not taking a car in the ass. Usually that danger is pretty slim because a big traffic jam occurs behind the Trooper blocked by the left lane violator. No one wants to pass the cop car thinking they will get a ticket.

So when the car stops in the left lane that usually requires stopping all traffic to get them to the right or a comedic scene where the person drives away and you have to try stopping them again repeating the process until finally a safe enough stop is made.

Before asking for license and registration Id first point out the giant clot of traffic passing them and ask if they realize why all that traffic is now passing?

Than you explain they created that traffic by blocking the left lane and they need to move right to let faster traffic pass by and they go "Oh!"

But than they think the only reason you stopped them is because your a cop and you feel its your right to blow down the left lane and its your right to kick their bag in so you explain the reason you speed. You educate them to this though you really are not required to. You tell them that just like in this case if the cop car goes at the speed limit no one passes the cop car and you become a giant impediment to travel on the roadway. That and for a twenty mile ride its kind of useless to be only able to observe the same three cars around you so generally patrol speed is faster allowing you to do what you want to do and the cop to do what he needs to do. You also realize you work with some douches that do enjoy their statutory exmption from the speed limit law and they create more impressions than the guys that do it right.

Next you educate the guy about road rage and you tell them how despite police efforts to get people to comply with speed limit laws people routinely exceed them. At this point they protest and say "But I was going the limit" thinking they are being sized up for a speed violation but you commend them and say their speed was great if they were in the right lane but out in what people consider "the high speed lane" it leads to road rage when Joe Hothead encounters a slower car and keeps him from doing what he wants to do. That leads to an exchange of hand gestures, brake checking, crashes, guns drawn, stupid phone calls so please move right.

These minor things should end up in a conversation only, usually only a written warning if the guy seems pissed and you want to make sure he has your name because you welcome the challenge of him/her complaining or a violation if the person really does something bizzare and brings it on themselves.

What that cop did in the video has no value and just seems lazy.

Educate the guy rather than leave them wondering WTF?
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