Warning ! Scammers via Private Message


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Apr 12, 2001
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To All using the Post Exchange!

There is a scammer out there using the Private Message System. I need his User Name and members beware.

if someone contacts you about an item for sale or looking to sell you something you inquired about, be wary.

There is someone ( I don't have his username) who is contacting members setting up sales and ripping people off.

If the user has NO POST, do me a favor and don't buy.

If the deal is too good, or the time is perfect, don't buy.

Make sure you note the username too, I cannot access the system like before, this one is a bit more limited as far as I have learned. I am not a Xenforo wiz in just few short weeks. They like to bury and hide certain things, so not everything is easy as it sounds.

Use the report button, if someone doesn't seem right let us know, we can at least monitor it.

If you are sending money, I highly recommend something that can be stopped or tracked.

The site is back in full swing, that brings attention and because of the robust sales on here, people will take notice and look to rip you off. Be careful, ask questions, don't get ripped off because the sale is more important than using some common sense.

Details matter,


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Jan 31, 2018
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I have no idea how any of this works, but can you use previously banned IP addresses? I caught one(or two) scammers the other day and a mod took care of their accounts.
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