Vortex Razor AMG - EBR-7B mrad reticle


Space for Rent
Feb 16, 2017
Lincoln, NE
I have for sale my Vortex Razor AMG with the EBR-7B mrad reticle. I bought this scope around 2 months ago. The scope was briefly mounted in an ARC M10-QD mount then put back in it's box. This scope has never been outside. Plans have changed and I no longer need this scope. Comes with the Vortex SV-5 switchview lever. I would like $2050 for the scope with switchview. If you would also like the ARC mount I will sell that for an additional $150 ($2,200 total). The mount was purchased new at the same time I bought the scope. It is 30mm (duh), 40mm ring height, and 20 moa of cant. Payment by Paypal (buyer to cover the fees) or friends and family. Shipping insurance included in the above price.