Victor Company USA Titan review

Hey guys, I mentioned in another thread that one of my side gigs is writing for an online publication. I just had a review posted up of the Titan 10/22 stock and I wanted to share it with you guys. I just shot the September Precision Rimfire Challenge at PNTC using the rifle in the video and I was very happy with it. My squad had a slew of Titan stocks in it and my buddy Dave took third with his rifle in a Titan stock. I hope you guys enjoy the review.

PS - So coincidentally Dave mentioned that he had to take some foam to his stock to get it to the right LOP for it to work for him. He's a lanky dude so that's understandable but it reminded me that a member here had a similar issue and ended up with the Magpul stock because it could provide LOP adjustment. It's something to consider if you're a tall guy but I'm 5'10" and have no issues with the Titan, just something to keep in mind.



Mar 20, 2017
I handled one of these this weekend. I really liked it. Very well made and under $200...If I had a 10/22, it would live in one of these.


Aug 6, 2004
I just installed my lightly modded in a Titan and from the moment I opened the box Ive been impressed. For a stock under $200 its a definite winner, the winner IMHO


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Feb 18, 2017
I had one with a PWS T-3 action in it. Just feels right, fit and finish are very nice. The cheek riser is a great addition. The only improvement needed in my view is adjustable length of pull- but then the cost goes up. Recently I sadly sold it to " fund another project". Vudoo on the way.
Oct 8, 2014
Shreveport, Louisiana
Nice Review Ian, and thanks. I have actually been really thinking hard about one of these stocks the last few weeks. I have a factory 10/22, and I had Clark's do one of their heavy Barrel Conversions to it. I'ts currently sitting in a Hogue stock, and it shoots pretty darn good like it is, if the loose nut between the seat and the trigger does his part. However, Clark's tell me it would shoot even better if I got it out of that rubber stock and into something more rigid. I'm thinking one of these stocks would tighten things up and get better groups. I have actually been over on Rimfire Central the last few days reading their thread on this stock. It's looking better and better, and your write up was just more reinforcement that it would be a good stock to have.



Sep 14, 2011
Luv my Titan, and the anchor on the rear is nice addition, no rocking in the stock. On my raptor stocks I added an anchor using the cleaning hole in the rear of the action.
Jan 15, 2010
Las Vegas
From an engineering standpoint it is job well done. The ridgidity of the stock along with the bedding blocks make for a stable and solid feeling interaction between the shooter and the barreled action. The feel of the rifle in various shooting positions works well with the pistol grip and forearm gripping surface. I needed the cheek riser kit to make it functional from the prone position but the design and mounting seem to be well thought out and done. Coming with both sides, forward and rear quick disconnect points for a sling along with the basic sling and bipod mounts under the forearm were a nice touch. I added the Mini-Pic rail at a cost of $40...ouch but it works well with an Atlas QD bipod.

This is a very solid and versatile stock the feels familiar and lends confidence to handling and shooting this rifle. Right now I'm close to $250 with mine setup to be usable in a Tactical Precision rifle role.
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Jan 15, 2010
Las Vegas
I mounted my Kidd barreled action into the Titan and torqued to 20in/lbs. Went out shooting 2 or 3 times. A few days ago I was mounting a new scope and felt the action moving in the stock. The screw was loose. I retightened to 20 and then decided to go to 25in/lbs. It just felt better. I'll keep an eye on this over the next while. If it loosens again I may apply a little thread locker to the screw, let dry and then remount and torque.
Feb 20, 2004
I have a 10-22 and I want to begin building it into a target/training rifle for not a lot of money.

the Magpul stock is mentioned above as an alternative. for someone just starting out, are they similar enough that it's a coin toss, or is the Titan a better choice overall?..
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