Vertical Pistol Grip for RPR?

May 16, 2018
My buddy has a RPR and is wanting to swap the pistol grip to something that is more vertical (similar to the way the MPA chassis are set up). Any suggestions? He saw the tango down, the one that can be mounted vertical or angled but he's worried about how solid it will be at the joint.

Any suggestions?
May 27, 2013
Nashville, TN
I tried the tango down and 1 or 2 others on my chassis. Finally gave up and made my own. Hogue makes an adapter that lets you use 1911 grip panels on an AR grip. It’s polymer and very tough. I modified the grip adapter to increase the front-back thickness and the steepness of the angle, made grip panels out of HDPE, and stippled it. It was a bit of a pain but the end product is very strong and it fits my hand perfectly.

May 27, 2013
Nashville, TN
Both of the steeper AR grips I tried were too small, too slick, and too hard. Building my own let me customize it.

The 1911 compatibility is relevant only because it opened up options for customization.

After I hacked up the adapter and glued it back together with some shims, standard 1911 grip panels wouldn’t fit. I made panels from HDPE (easy to cut and stipple) to customize the dimensions of the grip and account for the changes I made to the adapter. The screws in the pic hold on the panels I made.
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Feb 16, 2017
At first i was also trying to get a vertical grip to work, tried some AR15 vert grips and they didnt feel good at all (they were really small). Switched to Ergo Tactical Delux and havent looked back. Love it. I dont even care about angle any more lol.
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Feb 15, 2017
I do not have one on my RPR but a lot of people add them. Here is a picture from one of the Fartbook groups. Here is the description from one member of what needs to be done.

"Yes they work with Seekins safeties. No I don't know if there is a left handed version but I heard there was, someone comment about that please.
Okay, so there is a very minimal amount of work to make this grip work on the RPR. I mean like under 1 minute worth of work.
I will post detailed pictures of the work required.
The issue with the grip is that it needs milled to fit over the small diamond shaped piece of aluminum on the ejection side of the lower. The one right below your safety.
With a dremel tool and a small end mill bit, this can be accomplished in under a minute."