Valentines Day- Married Vs. Single

Mike Casselton

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Nov 25, 2007
Lithia, FL
Hey, I know that book!!!
In the aircraft maintenance world we wrote it out like a tech order number. 1D-10-T.
Then we sent people to other shops to get it along with a can of K-9P and VV-P-236 (Which is actually a metal quart can of Vaseline). The only real item in the bunch.

Our ladies in the NDI shop played along nicely one time and set up A1C Dutcher with the K-9P and told him he had to get in full PPE and hand carry it back to our shop because it was radioactive.
Our guys picked him up about a block away from our shop in a heavy assed rain suit, goggles over safety glasses and a respirator. He was carrying a Gatorade bottle with corrosive and radioactive labels on it.
It was summer in Idaho and the temp was over 105*

Dutcher swore that he couldn't accept a ride because the girls told him he couldn't have the K-9P in a vehicle.
The fit he threw was epic.
Returning the PPE to NDI was embarrassing when they asked him if he still wanted the tech order...

Dirty D

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Mar 29, 2010
The electronic techs on my first cutter convinced a kid that was fresh out of boot camp to help them calibrate the radars. They wrapped the kid in foil and put electricians gloves on him and made him stand 200 yards down the pier and flap his arms, before the ET’s put the gloves on him I cut open a green chemlight and poured that shit in the gloves. When they were done with his little foil wrapped Richard Simmons show they unwrapped him and when they took the gloves off his hands were glowing green, the ET’s said “oh shit, he’s radioactive!” and ran off. 🤣 I thought the poor bastard was going to have a stroke and I needed him to be useful so I went and let him off the hook. Poor bastard hated the ET’s ever since then, I never told him the chemlightwas my idea. 😎