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Jun 3, 2017
You had to go to school to learn how to say 'drop and give me 20'? :D


Gunny Sergeant
Nov 6, 2011
Why all to PM?

Can't think of any particular questions now but others might have good questions I could parasite off of.

I've been doing a keto diet for about 6 weeks now.

Thinking it's a no brainer diet plan because I've cut all the crap food out of my food chain. Everything now either walked or grew at one time and carbs/processed food are minimized.

Nice thing is I eat bacon,.......bacon with a side of fat.

I've lost 5-10 pounds and two notches on my gun belt. PT has improved and energy through the day is constant rather than peaks and valleys of the standard carb diet - no shakes before lunch.

Curious what my blood numbers will be like next exam as my numbers have all been really good.

No extreme diet is good, unsure if this is extreme though.

I don't typically believe in diets thinking that good body comp is a matter of discipline and calorie intake vs expenditure but my daughter is Type 1 diabetic and by managing her diabetes I noticed something about carbs, blood sugar levels and ketosis.

When sick, without carb intake, her blood sugar levels will remain constant and usually at a great level. The downside is her ketones build up and she burns muscle (she has no fat being a healthy kid). She can quickly get in trouble with ketosis.

Fat insulin producing me though can actually benefit.

What did your program say about this?

And thank you for serving as well as offering your education to share.

Semper Fi.