USMC 40X sniper rifle


Sergeant of the Hide
Mar 23, 2013
Just picked this up recently, it's a 40X sniper rifle that was tested by the Marine Corps Development and Education Command (MCDEC) in the early 1970's during the M40 product improvement trials. The barrel has been modified by Sionics for a suppressor, the receiver has been hand-stamped "U.S." and the scope base has been marked with "M.C.D.E.C. - TEST 3". Jim Leatherwood also made a mock suppressor specifically for this rifle, but it's still with my friend who sold me the rifle (I live in Chicago, not sure if a fake can is illegal and don't want to push my luck in this demon run hell hole).

The book The One Round War (pages 237 to 262) has some excellent information on this developmental program and discusses the rifles/equipment that was tested. The book shows pictures of a 40X rifle with a regular barrel and an M40 with a Sionics modified barrel, but not a 40X with a Sionics barrel. I'm just going to assume that this thing is pretty damn rare.



Chris Hayes, Nashville TN
Jul 29, 2001
Nashville, Tennessee
That is one seriously impressive find. I sit here and scratch my head and wonder how the fuck you find this stuff? You are either the King of Google~Fu, you still have some serious contacts with people who were perceptive enough to realize the importance of these pieces or you're just plain fucking majic.
Apr 17, 2010
Astoria, Or.
Damn.....I hope you're opening a museum

In the world of autos there exists a very small group of people who deal in the top end of the top end, the cars rarely if ever come up for sale they simply pass between these people, anything like that here?


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Apr 21, 2007
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Like all good old rifles, yes a cigar is just a cigar...unless you know where it's been;)

In this one's case, it's where it started that made me fantasize.:cool:
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