URSA Shoots for March ‘18 - 2000 yards and counting

URSA Shoots for March ‘18 - 2000 yards and counting

The Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA) will have shoots on Sunday, March 18th in NorCal (Clear Lake/Upper Lake area) and in SoCal (Barstow area).

We start shooting at 2000 yards and those that shoot well enough (at least two) then shoot at min 2500 yards – moving out from there in roughly 500 yard increments, always based on shooter achievement at the prior distance. All locally-legal firearms (rifles and rifle/pistols) are welcome. There are NO fees, we shoot on public land.

NOTE: Its getting very near to the last chance to qualify for the 2018 3K. Time to step up!

The NorCal contact is Lynn (rd-southwest@unlimitedrange.org). Lynn is our Regional Director (RD) for CA/NV. Detailed info for NorCal is usually posted on CalGuns at http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/forumdisplay.php?f=327 .

More info about URSA and how shoots are conducted is at http://www.unlimitedrange.org/operations.html Especially note FAQ 13, which describes course of fire.

Initial info re SoCal is provided below.

4WD, or AWD with decent ground clearance, is strongly recommended as the sand can get very rutted and deep.

We will have a target set up at 2080 and, quite possibly, at 2630 (at least a stand will be set up at 2630). Shooting at 2630, and beyond, is NOT guaranteed – that’s determined by how well shooters do at each distance (there must be at least two shooters with 4 in 10 or better at the current distance).

We try to start shooting at sunrise. January was cold and windy. February will likely be cold but warmer than January (at this time it looks to be 6-10 degrees warmer). In most months there is little or no wind during most of the time we shoot. It’s too early for a precise wind forecast. We'll see.

Those that sign up (cut-off is 6 PM, Wednesday the 14th) will get event-specific info a few days before the actual event date, tentatively the evening of the 14th. If I do not hear from you by the cutoff, you will not receive the event-specific info, which includes directions and final timing. Also, if I don’t hear from you, I will assume you are not planning on shooting, the headcount requirement may not be met, and the event may be cancelled – which is what happened three (3) months in a row in mid-‘17. Please contact me at webmaster@unlimitedrange.org with any questions. Thanks.

NOTE: URSA is now using the online program, Zoho Forms, to capture Liability Release and Build Sheet sign up data, and spectator/other Liability Release sing up data. Please use the appropriate link at the top of the Activity/Event Schedule page to sign up for this and future events (http://www.unlimitedrange.org/activity%20event%20schedule.html). If you have any problem with the online form, please e-mail me ASAP. BTW, the form asks for limited “address” (only city, state, and ZIP). We do NOT need your street address.