URSA Shoot for June ‘18 - 2000 yards and counting

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URSA Shoot for June ‘18 - 2000 yards and counting

The Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA) will have a shoot on Sunday, June 17th in NorCal (Clear Lake/Upper Lake area). Yes, that is Father’s Day – bring out your (responsible) kids and/or your dad.

We start shooting at 2000 yards and those that shoot well enough (at least two) then shoot at min 2500 yards – moving out from there in roughly 500 yard increments, always based on shooter achievement at the prior distance. All locally-legal firearms (rifles and rifle/pistols) are welcome. There are NO fees, we shoot on public land.

The NorCal contact is Lynn (rd-southwest@unlimitedrange.org). Lynn is our Regional Director (RD) for CA/NV. Detailed info for NorCal is usually posted on CalGuns at http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/forumdisplay.php?f=327 .

There will be no event in SoCal this month, looking for a Match Director and a target/gear maintainer/transporter (need not be the same person). Anyone interested in accepting the responsibility for one or both of these opportunities, please contact me ASAP - webmaster@unlimitedrange.org Thanks.

More info about URSA and how shoots are conducted is at
http://www.unlimitedrange.org/operations.html Especially note FAQ 13, which describes course of fire.

NOTE: URSA uses the online program, Zoho Forms, to capture Liability Release and Build Sheet sign-up data, and spectator/other Liability Release sign-up data. Please use the appropriate link at the top of the Activity/Event Schedule page to sign up for this and future events (http://www.unlimitedrange.org/activity event schedule.html). If you have any problem with the online form, please e-mail me ASAP. BTW, the form asks for limited “address” (ONLY city, state, and ZIP). We do NOT need your street address.
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