URSA 7/19 NorNV Event Recap

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28 Jul 2019 - Recap of the URSA NorNV Jul ‘19 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman, and Facilitator)

Well we got off to a early start at 6 AM to beat the heat which was expected to be 99 degrees. Ken Eng and Mark Morales were both shooting 510 DTC cartridges while I was shooting a 375/50BMG (or Mach V, as Klaus named it)..

Scott and Nicholas were shooting 338 Lapuas and Vaughn was shooting a 338 LM Ackley Improved/AI. My second gun was a 338 Lapua AI and Mark also shot a second gun, a 338 Lapua. 6 shooters and 8 guns on the line.

Vaughn was the first shooter of the day (record round) and this guy was on fire. His first shot at 2021 yards missed the gong by less than a foot and he hit it the next two shots. He went hot and hit it 8 out of 10 shots. The rest of the shooters where getting hits but we were having a hard time spotting our misses that were next to the gong. When my turn came up I managed to get 4 hits on my first 6 shots and quit shooting to save my barrel. [Our rules only require 4/10 to advance to the next distance, which was 2435 yards.] By now the heat was starting to get warmer bringing extra mirage into the equation and making it very hard to spot your shots.

I decided to hold a second match at 2021 yards before moving back to 2435 yards for the shoot off between Vaughn and myself. Vaughn and I both got 3/10, Ken got 2/10, Mark and Nicholas got 1/10, and Scott, who shot 8th, didn't connect. Had we been able to spot our misses the scores would have improved.

Vaughn and I moved to the 2435 yard gong and seeing impacts was all but impossible even with a Schmidt and Bender pair of big eyes. Luckily when my turn came up the bullet kicked up some dust and this allowed me to make a correction and get a hit and win the match. After that everyone was shooting up any spare ammo they had laying around and we called it a day.

A huge Thank You goes to Billygoat Machine for building me a rifle that can make me competitive. I'm not a very good shooter (hugh??? - Facilitator), so building me a winning combination takes a lot of skill. It should be noted that BillyGoat Machine barrelled Ken's and Mark’s guns as well.

After the match was over I drove up the mountain to pull the gongs and found the T1000 hit indicator took its first hit. My new target stand upright also had a couple bullet impacts. [NOTE: Our IRIS hit indicators are used for record, the T1000 may be used in the future - the IRIS units are no longer in production but we have 6 complete systems plus spares.]
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