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Feb 7, 2013
UKD Team Challenge was a huge hit and sold out almost 4 month is advance last year! Registration opens Feb 1.

The Date is set for another 2 person Team Match in 2020. Last years sold out fast! The idea is to make this good practice for a larger match or the ideal first field style match for the shooter. We plan to keep the match small.. teams had a blast last year.. so get registered..

The date is Sunday, November 22, 2020 @ 7:00 AM ~ If you are interested, even without a partner, please sign up below --

Here is our link to the Practiscore sign up:

Here is the basic plan subject to change
-Saturday Optional:
-BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs Saturday Night (Weather depending)
-Free Camping
-NRL 22 match on Saturday evening (sign up via practiscore run as a separate event)

-UKD - Unknown Distance Range it find it - shoot it (Range finders are fine and most stages will have a known size if you'd rather use a reticle)
-Time will be shared between team members, but should be very generous if the team is organized, shooters will work together
-Round count somewhere around 160 per team.
-All natural terrain like you might find hunting in the foothills, side-slopes, down-slopes, dead space problems-- tripods are recommenced as are shooting sticks
-Tripods, shooting sticks, Packs whatever you want to ruck up the hills will be fine.
-The course requires between 2-4 miles of hiking depending on the starting position
-You can share gear, but sharing tripods will cause you to be less effective with your time management.

Parctiscore sign up is free, but you do need an set up a quick account. You can sign up for any match, but this particular match is Team Challenge Unknown Distance Long Range Match

You can find all out matches by going to, selecting "Matches" at the top, Then "checking" "California" on the left under State, Then "checking", "Avenal" under City.

Price: For early sign up (practiscore) fee will be $50 each, going to $75 as we get closer.
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