Towanda Rifle & Pistol Club 4/29/2018 Results 300 yard


Towanda Rifle & Pistol
300 yard rifle match results
Sunday, April 29, 2018
It was a cold, windy, and snowy day for our first match. This would have usually been a 500 yard match, however due to continued construction at the 500 yard benches, we changed it to a 300 yard match. We had 12 schooters that braved the weather for the first match of the year!
Benchrest Results:
1st - Paul Lloyd (397-24x)
2nd - Dan Wilson (397-17x)
3rd - Bob Cobourn (396-13x)
4th - Kyle Eddy (395-17x)
5th - Bob Cobourn (393-17x)
6th - Dave Bennett (387-10x)
7th - Marty Barnes (386-14x)
8th - Tony Lombardi (383-13x)
9th - Buss Earl Brooks (381-12x)
Prone Results:
1st - Kyle Dekar (394-16x)
2nd - Kevin McManus (393-15x)
3rd - Emily Dekar (392-13x)
4th - Ken Calamia (368-11x)


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Apr 7, 2014
Kevin the targets are printed at Mansfield College . The targets are
F-Class regulation 300 yard on white heavy cardboard .