Towanda Rifle and Pistol 6/2/2018 match results


Towanda Rifle & Pistol
6/2/2018 - 300 yard match results. 11 shooters on a gloomy foggy day.

Bench Results:

1st - Marty Godra (398-23x)

2nd - Dave Bennett (398-18x)

3rd - David Merrill (397-23x)

4th - Dan Wilson (397-18x)

5th - Kyle Eddy (397-14x)

6th - Clayton Merrill (393-17x)

Prone Results:

1st - Kyle Dekar (397-18x)

2nd - Emily Dekar (391-17x)

3rd - Kyle Dekar Jr. (385-16x)

4th - Jerry Gresh (364-7x)

DNF - Paul Hardes (technical difficulties)

Next match is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th. Is scheduled to be a 500 yard match, but if construction is not finished we will stay at 300 yards.