Towanda Rifle and Pistol - 5/27/2018 300 yard match results


Towanda Rifle & Pistol
Sunday, May 27th long range match results - It was a very wet and rainy day but despite the weather we still had 9 shooters! This match was held at 300 yard instead of the usual 500 yard again due to continued construction at the 500 yard bench line.
Results are as follows:
1st - Dave Bennett (400-23x)
2nd - Tony Lombardi (399-28x)
3rd - Allan Gay (398-22x)
4th - Kyle Eddy (394-12x)
5th - David Merrell (393-17x)
6th - Paul Lloyd (386-16x)
7th - Dan Wilson (375-22x)
8th - Monty Barnes (363-12x)
9th - Buz Earl Brooks (360-7x)

Great job to all of our shooters! Our next match will be held at 300 yard on 6/2/2018. Hope to see a good turn out and better weather!