Towanda PA, Rifle & Pistol 300 yard match results 6/1/2019


Towanda Rifle & Pistol
6/1/2019 300 yard match results
So sorry for the delay in getting these results posted.

1st - Emily Dekar (399-32x)
2nd - Kyle Dekar (397-21x)
3rd - David Merrell (396-22x)
4th - Kevin Young (375-9x)

1st - Monty Barnes (400-32x)
2nd - Buz Brooks (400-30x) TIE
2nd - Jerry Frost (400-30x)
3rd - Allen Gay (400-28x)
4th - Kyle Eddy (400-23x)
5th - Tony Lombardi (399-29x)
6th - Adam Howe (399-24x)
7th - Clayton Merrill (399-23x)
8th - Paul Lloyd (397-26x)
9th - Dave Bennett (392-14x)
10th - Ron Niles (390-12x)

Next match will be held on Sunday, June 30th at 500 yards.