Top Pistolsmiths List attempt


Gunny Sergeant
Dec 22, 2009
As most know i'm a bit of a pistol guy and specifically a 1911 guy. i get asked alot about where to send a gun for misc work. i found most of this list on another site but added a few they missed figure this will get most pointed in the right direction. I added a lot to these lists and took some of them from other sites but figured it would make a nice starting point for people.

This list so far. Of course this is just opinions, but it's fun. Obviously there is no real way to rate the top "x" number of gunsmiths, so there are no wrong answers. There are some beautiful guns to look at if you follow the links. Alphabetical order by first names..

no i do not have guns or have shot guns from all of them, but through word of mouth and pics online these all seem to be good to go. if someone can say otherwise i'll add or remove names as needed. currently i own guns from steve morrison, chris james have shot ones from hilton yam, dave berryhill, chuck rogers, ned chrisiansen, jason burton and Don Williams and would not hesitate to order from any of them.

Top 1911 Pistol gunsmiths

> Alex Hamilton,
> Bill Laughridge
> Bill Wilson
> Bob Hunter
> Bob Londrigan
> Bob Marvel
> Bob Rodgers
> Bobby Keigans
> Bruce Gray Grayguns by Bruce Gray
> Chad Kandros
> Chris James
> Chris Peters
> Chuck Rogers
> Claudio Salassa
> C.T. Brian
> Dave Berryhill
> Dave Dawson
> Dave Helton
> Dave Lauck,
> Dave Sams
> Dave Severns
> Dave Williams
> David Sams
> Don Williams
> D.R. Middlebrook,
> Drake Oldham
> Dwayne Greufe,
> Ed Brown
> Ed Vanden Berg
> Greg Derr
> George Piper
> Hilton Yam -
> Jason Burton
> Jason Perkins,
> Jeremy Reid
> Jess Gypin
> Jim Garthwaite
> Jim Hoag, no contact info
> Jim Milks
> Jim Stroh
> Joe Barnsfather
> Joe Chambers
> John Harrison
> John Jardine
> Karl Sokol
> Ken Crawley
> Kent Singletary
> Kevin Toothman
> Larry Vickers
> Les Baer
> Lou Biondo
> Luke Volkmann
> Marianne Carniak
> Mark Morris
> Matt Davis
> Matt Gish website currently not working.
> Matt Cheely
> Ned Christiansen
> Neil Keller
> Nelson Ford
> Paul Liebenberg
> Pete Single, I had no luck finding a website, but read his checkering is some of the best.
> Rich Dettelhouser
> Richard Fletcher,
> Rob D'Andrea
> Rob Schauland
> Ron Philips
> Ross Carter, Carter Custom Weaponry, website seems to have been taken over by someone else
> Ryan Flynn
> Scott Mulkerin
> Stan Chen
> Steve Bailey
> Steve Morrison
> Steve Nastoff, May not be gunsmithing any longer. No contact info.
> Ted Yost
> Teddy Jacobsen
> Terry Tussey,
> Tim Cronin
> Troy Harp,
> Victor Tibbets
> Wayne Novak

Sites i don't know the name of the smith but does good work
Robar Home
Home Page
Springfield Armory
Gans Guns
Limcat Custom

For plastic guns and other work (sig, HK, glock, XD, etc)
Custom 1911-Glock- M&P's
Salient Arms International
Grayguns by Bruce Gray
Bowie Tactical Concepts Home Page

Holster Makers:
5 shot Leather - 5 Shot Leather, LLC - Home 5shotleather
A Holster Company - Home Page
A.E. Nelson - A. E. Nelson Leather Co.
AJ Concealco - Miva Merchant: Fatal Error
Aker Leather - Aker International, Inc.
Alabama Holster Co. - Alabama Holster Company - Concealment Products That "Just Plain Work"
Alessi Holsters -
Alfonso's Gunleather - Alfonsos gunleather gunbelts and leather gun holsters
Andrews Leather - Andrews Leather Catalog
Arizona Gun Leather - Under Construction
B&D Concealment Holsters -
Bandera Gunleather - Beltster, concealed carry holsters, colt handguns, glock handguns, leather gun holsters
Bell Charter Oak Holsters - BELL CHARTER OAK CUSTOM HOLSTERS (607) 783-2483
Bianchi - Bianchi Leather Holsters, Concealment Holsters, Duty Holsters and Duty Gear
Black Hills Leather - Black Hills Leather - The best custom gun leather western holsters & rigs
Blackhawk - Home BLACKHAWK!
Blade Tech - Blade Tech holsters, knives and tactical gear for military, law enforcement, shooting competition and hunting.
Boston Leather - |
Brigade Gunleather - Custom Holsters- Brigade Gun Holsters | Shop for Custom Leather Holsters
Brommeland Gunleather - Holsters Concealment Systems Gunleather Concealed Carry for Weapons
Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - Home
Bulman Gun Leather -
C5 Leather - Home Page
C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works - C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works - Custom Concealment Holsters
Center of Mass Holsters - Kydex Holsters
Combat Gun Leather - Home
Cobra Gunskin -
Comp-Tac - Comp-Tac : Top-Quality Firearm Accessories
Coronado Leather - Coronado Leather | Handcrafted Firearm Concealment Leatherwear Handbags/ Luggage/ Jackets/ Law Enforecement
CR Speed - Rescomp Handgun Technologies - CR Speed
Cross Breed Holsters - CrossBreed® Holsters
Custom Carry Concepts - Custom Carry Concepts, LLC - Home
D.M. Bullard Leather - Gun Leather, Concealment and Cowboy holsters, Azle, TX.
Dale Fricke Holsters - Dale Fricke Holsters
De Santis - Welcome to DeSantis Gunhide®. "We didn't invent concealment, we just perfected it." ? DeSantis Holster
Del Fatti - Del Fatti Leather
Don Hume - Don Hume Leathergoods, manufactures high quality leather and nylon goods.
Durango Gun Leather - Texas Ranger Belts,Tapered Belts,leather belts,gunleather
Eagle Industries -
El Paso Saddlery - El Paso Saddlery - Holsters
Exodus Gun Leather
Fin Designs - FIN designs
Fist - FIST, Inc.
Fobus Holsters -
Front Line Ltd. - front_line, holsters
Galco - Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters
Garrett Industries
Garrity's GunLeather - Garrity's Gunleather - Exquisite Hand-Crafted Holsters
G-Code Holsters - G-Code Holsters and Accessories for Tactical Carry Systems
Ghost Holster - Untitled Document
Gould and Goodrich Holsters - Gould & Goodrich | A passion for protection
Gradfather Oak Custom Carry - index
Grahams Custom Leather - Site Disabled - FreeServers
Grassburr Leather Works, Inc -
Gunworks - Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,
Haugen Handgun Leather -
Hazel Leather - Hazel Leather
HBE Leatherworks - H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks
High Noon - High Noon Holsters
Hillsman Holster - Hillsman Holster Company
Hoffners - Hoffners Custom Leather Holsters
Holsterama - JBP Holsters / Holsterama Home Page
Horseshoe Leather - Holsters for Handguns, Firearms and Concealment at
International Handgun Leather - International Handgun Leather - Home
JRC Holsters - Handmade Horsehide Holsters
JS Holsters - - We don't do pretty. We do practical.
J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products - O'Rourke Leather
K.L. Null Holsters - K.L. Null Holsters Home Page
Kirkpatrick Leather - Kirkpatrick Concealment Holsters
Kramer Leather - Gun Holsters | Custom Handgun Holster | Kramer Leather
Lightning Arms Sports - Lightning Arms Sports
Little Bear Holsters - GeoVario LLC - Web Access
Little Feather Leather -
The Malabar Front - Raven Concealment Systems
Master of Concealment - Concealed Carry Holsters, Products and Clothing, Concealment Holsters, CCW Holsters, Handgun holsters
Mernickle Holsters - MERNICKLE HOLSTERS
Milt Sparks - Milt Sparks Holsters
Mitch Rosen - Mitch Rosen Gunleather
Monica Kuehn Leather - Monica Kuehn Leather, LLC
Mountain Home Leather - Mountain Home Leather-Custom Holsters,Belts,Knife Sheaths,Saddle Bags and More
Nevada Gun leather - Nevada Gun Leather: Fine leather holsters, belts, slings and other goods
Nick Matthews Holsters - NM Holsters - Home
Overland Gunleather
Pacific Canvas & Leather - Pacific Canvas & Leather Co. Inc. |*
PagerPal -
Peters Custom Holsters - Peters Custom Holsters
Pistol Packaging, Inc - Pistol Packaging Inc.-Online Store
Pocket Concealment Systems - Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc.: Main Catalogue Page
Pro Carry Holsters -
Pure Kustom Holsters -
PWL USA - PWL USA: holsters, pouches, belts
Python Holsters - Python Holsters
Rafter S Gunleather - Holster for people you know Quality
Raven Concealment - Raven Concealment Systems
Ray's Holsters - Your Gun Holster, Gun Purse and Leather Concealed Carry Source | Ray's Holsters
Rick Waltner Holsters - Rick Waltner Holsters - Home
Ritchie Leather Company - Ritchie Leather Co., Inc: Amherst, NY
RKBA Holsters - Home - RKBA Holsters
RF Holsters -
RM Holsters - Home Page
Ross Leather - Ross Leather Online - Full Range of Holsters Rigs Belts and Accessories - Buy from Ross Leather Online
Ryan Grizzle Leather - Holsters by RGrizzle
Safariland - SAFARILAND? - Error
Sickinger - SICKINGER Holstererzeugung / Sportholster / Behördenholster / Holsterzubehör / Websitelayout und -konzept: Mag. (FH) Roland Voraberger (
Side Armor - Sidearmor, Tactical Rails and Holsters
Side Guard - Side Guard Holsters - Home Page for Custom Leather Holsters
Simply Rugged Holsters - Simply Rugged Holsters ? Holsters, Gun Belts, Ammo Pouches and Accessories
SmartCarry - SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters
Southern Holsters -
Strong Holsters -
Sunrise Leather - Holsters - Handcrafted Leather, Concealed Carry Holsters, Gun Belts
Survival Sheath Systems - SURVIVAL SHEATH SYSTEMS : Kydex Shoulder and Chest Holsters
TacPro (Kydex) - TAC_PRO
Tagua GunLeather - GeoVario LLC - Web Access
Talon Tactical (Kydex) -
Tauris Holsters - Tauris Holsters, L.L.C. - Custom Leather
Ted Blocker - - Ted Blocker Holsters
Tennessee Holster Company - Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,
The Leather Arsenal -
The Wilderness - Tactical Gear, Tactical Equipment, Duty Belts, Slings, USA
Trojan Tactical - Trojan Tactical
TSC Holsters - Welcome to TSC Holsters
TT Gunleather - TT GunLeather High Quality Leather Gun Holsters
Tucker Gun Leather - Tucker Gun Leather | Premium Leather Gun Holsters
Tuff Products - Tuff Products
UBG Holsters - UBG Holsters
Uncle Mikes - Invalid license key
Vega holsters - Vega Holster
Wild Bills - Wild Bill's Concealment | Holsters and Accessories for Concealed Carry

i'm sure i forgot some so i'll update as i find em
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Gunny Sergeant
Dec 17, 2009
displaced TEXAN
Awesome and informative list! How about a list for wheelguns also?
Need a pistolsmith for Dan Wesson currently and S & W soon. Perhaps
some of these 1911 masters work on revolvers also?


Nov 20, 2003
Brazo's custom guns he does lots of 2011 work and custom IDPA and IPSIC.

Currently running a 1 year long wait time for one of his guns.
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Gunny Sergeant
Sep 18, 2012
Houston, TX
That's a great list of 1911 gunsmiths! What about a good gunsmith for revolvers? Specifically big bore revolvers. I'm looking into getting a Ruger Super Redhawk cut down to 4.5" and ported. Magna-port is backlogged over 6 months last time I checked.


Aug 21, 2012
Thank you, truly, for taking the time to even ATTEMPT a list like this. It's not possible to name them all, but DAMN that's one helluva attempt. Nicely done sir.


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Aug 24, 2011
I need to find one on the list that will take on two 1911 projects that another gunsmith on the list started but appears to have no desire to finish. I know that is going to be a challenge because a lot of smiths don't want to work on something that someone else has messed with. I don't blame them since it's no different turning wrenches and getting someone elses half finished bullshit.


Oct 12, 2009
Redmond, WA
Very good list!

Names at SVI are Sandy and Brandon Strayer, Mike Voigt. Limcat Custom is Johnny Lim. There are a number of great gunsmiths at Nighthawk, it's a crew who all build each gun themselves start to finish.

And don't forget Shay Akai at - this guy is crazy talented and may just be on the cutting edge of 1911/2011 performance these days.

Also Ed Cameron, Anthony Luciani and Eddie Garcia at


Jul 1, 2014
Charlotte NC
Jeff Abernathy at Tommy Guns is an amazing machinist and pistol smith. Check his work out on his website or Facebook. He is the go to guy for 1911 work in North and South Carolina.