Too late to start a data book?

Aug 7, 2007
Indianapolis, IN
I've had my Savage 10 about 10 years now, maybe 150 rounds shot through it. I've never kept records on it (obviously), but I'm starting to get a bit more serious about longer distance shooting.

Too late to start a data book? Or just do it and drive forward?

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Jun 30, 2012
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Starting a data book is pretty easy. You can use one of the pre-made ones or create one of your own to meet your own needs. I’d start with a pre-made one until you get used to it and know what you’re looking at.

As for round count, that’s used to track the barrel life, dependent on the caliber. If you think it’s 150 rounds, then just start there. Do some research on what the average barrel life for your caliber is so you can start tracking the change in accuracy as you near that round count.

Other than that, there is a ton of info out there on data books, both on this forum and out in the internet wild. There is even some free ones out there you can print out to get you started.
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Feb 13, 2017
I record all of my stuff on home made logs. I then bring it back to enter into my excel sheet that I created. it has 6 other tabs that all feed from or into each other. multiple formulas and formatting. took a few hours to make.

this is what the home page on my excel looks like.


Most of the items on the left are list options that auto fill the rest of the sheet. then I just add the data that I know while the rest of it works off of formulas and one of the 6 other sheets that have data on it. they are all connected and feed real time information as I enter it.

I have it setup to run round counts based off of what I enter in as for shots.


these are the sheets that I created for testing and shooting to record information. these also help me with reloading since I find out my charges that I want to use and then put them in there.



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Apr 10, 2014
southern IL
Absolutely get a book and start notes. At 150 rounds, your barrel is just broke in good. Scrub it and keep good records. Best info will be to help you track Cold bore and number of rounds till accuracy is unacceptable between cleanings.