The view does not suck..


Sergeant of the Hide
Jun 4, 2018
View is the western slope of Snowy Range in Wyoming at 10,500. I took the pic last month while rockhounding. Up until recently, I have never seen the grass cured out and brown. Even though there is a drought, the view is still awesome. There is a nice little lake full of brook trout over the ridge.
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And my place has the view of the eastern slope of the Snowy Range, Lake Hattie is my front porch. Literally. There's some fish there... so I am told ;-)
Jul 28, 2011
St. Louis, MO
I went spring bear hunting yesterday and struck out on whacking a bear, but I don't feel like I missed out completely... Especially with the views that I was privy to while I was up in the mountains. This is up near Cascade, Idaho, and the views, they sure don't suck.

Anyone else want to share a snap of their favorite view while out in the wild?

Taken with my Samsung Note 8 (4 photos merged in Photoshop CC)
Man! This is a great scene!