The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread


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Apr 12, 2001
Base of the Rockies
Well the 2008 Sniper's Hide Cup, aka the Cor Bon experiment is in the books.

What a match ! The competitors really stepped up to the challenge of shooting a 308 with issued ammo. I don't think people truly understand just how hard it is until mother nature comes blowing the walls down. And Blow the walls down she did, the wind was a humbling factor this match, not only did it blow in excess of 20MPH, it was switching, changing directions between shooters, and just when you thought your 1.5 Mil Hold was correct it would go to a dead boil. In a word, tough.

Congratulations to Matt Burkett, he shot consistent all weekend and it really paid off. From a personal observation, I know exercised patience with the time and the conditions, in some cases, gauging the wind and the shooting until the very last second. He used all of his time to his advantage and made the conditions work in his favor. It was a well deserved win.

I believe during the match we shot roughly 25 events, and we used up every bit of the Cor Bon 308 we had. In the end, we only had 120 rounds left from a stack of 10,000.

From me personally, I want to thank the guys who helped make this match run as smooth as it did. Wynn, Doc Keith, and John <span style="font-style: italic"> (Lowlight ran me over)</span> Lemm. With special thanks going to Lindy and Lisa Sisk. From sun up to sun down, Lindy is by far the hardest working man on the range, and thanks to Lisa for her meticulous score keeping. The team assembled at Rifles Only is second to none when it comes to getting things done.

Huge thanks to Lisa & Jacob Bynum for letting Sniper's Hide put on a match at such a great facility. I spend a lot of time down there and know exactly the caliber of the people who train there, we are fortunate to have access to a place like Rifles Only. Lisa & Jacob are truly two of my favorite people on the planet and I appreciate everything they do for me personally and for Sniper's Hide.

To the Sponsors, who without their support we could never afford to put on a match of this scale or design. Please, please, if you won something, drop the sponsor a note and say "thank you" and that you appreciate their support, as well, even if you didn't attend the match, and you have the time drop the sponsors a note. The prize table was an incredible sight to behold and we all really owe it to the match sponsors. We need to show our appreciation by thanking them and most of all, by supporting them when we buy our high speed, low drag gear. Turn to the companies that support us first.

In no particular order:

Cor Bon


GA Precision

US Optics

Premier Reticle


Bauer Arms

Badger Ordnance

Camera Land NY


Stacey Blankenship - Blankenship Custom Guns

Terry Cross - KMW

Tac Ready Gear

Liberty Optics


CT Firearms & Tactical

JW Precision

Warrior Gear

Triad Tactical

Nash Gunwerx

SOTech Sniper Line

Volkmann Custom

Manners Composite Stocks

Tac Ops

Tactical Intervention

Tactics LLC

Surgeon Rifles

TAB Gear


Big River Tactical

Red Tac Gear

K&M Tactical Equipment, LLC

Schmidt & Bender

McRee's Multi Services

Spec-Ops Brand

Phoenix Tactical

Seekins Precision

RW Snyder Guns & Gunsmithing

Steve Woods - Rock River Iron


Dragonfly Shooters

Danel Jenkins

I believe I have everyone, also, you can go to the Rifles Only website to see the list was well there is complete contact information there.

Thanks to everyone, the competitors, the Range Officers, the Sponsors and Rifles Only -- See you in the late fall for the next match.
Nov 26, 2004
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Ok, I guess it is time for me to chime in as well. I was going to wait because I'm still tired and I'm still doing competition paperwork but....there is no time like the present!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of the competitors where a true delight to have on site. These competitions take so much out of us getting things ready, putting it on, and even the aftermath but it is worth every tear, every bead of sweat, and every penny!!!! I personally feel that it is like a big family gathering where everyone gets along! Each and everyone of you are welcome back here anytime!
Thanks to the sponsors for the truly amazing prize table. WOW is all I can say. Please support each and everyone of these companies because without them, these competitions wouldn't be what they are now.
Lindy, Lisa, Winn, John, Doc Taylor...your help was truly appreciated. Without you guys, well I don't even want to go there.
To Jacob and Frank, thanks for putting up with me in trying to have everything perfect and organized. I know that sometimes I could have been a little demanding. You guys totally rock and put on the best match that I know of! Sometime or another we need to go shoot some other! Frank, thanks for bringing in the Sniper's Hide family. It takes two to make things work and you always step up to the plate with no questions asked! You too are one of my favorite people in the world...not to mention the whole "soulmate"!
I won't go on much longer....Thanks again everyone! In my eyes, I am truly lucky to know each and everyone of you! What a great group of guys and gals!!!
See everyone soon!
One more thing...the only thing that was missing was our beloved Stewie! He would have been so proud of Matt! You were in my heart Stewie!
Oct 30, 2005
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

It's my turn!
Lindy is a natural fit for this particular world of shooting, but I am not. I want to thank all of you guys for being so kind to me, and making me feel comfortable here-- it has enormously enriched my life and enabled me to be where Lindy is. Thank you so much!!!

And, I give special thanks to Lisa Bynum and Susan Leigh-- if you gals weren't a part of this world, I certainly wouldn't have the courage to be.

Just remember one thing, Lisa-- I KICKED YOUR ASS!!! HAHAHAHAHA . . . .;-D

-- Lisa Sisk
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Huge thanks to Lisa & Jacob Bynum for letting Sniper's Hide put on a match at such a great facility. </div></div>

+1 Frank. Also THANKS to you for all you have done. I will be in touch with you soon.

I have started to email many of the sponsors to THANK them for donating the prizes. Everyone that shot the match and got something should also start send out Thank yous.



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Oct 7, 2001
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Top Notch is a understatement!!

Jacob, Lisa, Lisa, Lindy, Frank and all the RO's and support staff you have truely mastered the art of putting on a great match. We have shot many matchs now at RO and everything from start to finish every time is well thought out and solid.

I know everyone appreciates the hard work, dedication and demanding COF's you develope and put us thru.

The added bonus is the sponsors who step up to the plate and donate all the great prizes for the shooters.

Thank You again for a great time!!

May 17, 2004
Corpus Christi, TX.
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Another great time comes to an end.

Many thanks to all of the sponsors, especially Cor Bon and POF USA. The award tables literally runneth over.

A special thanks to Frank, Jacob, Lisa, Lindy & Lisa, Winn, John and Doc and everyone else who worked so hard at putting on a challenging and safe match. And of course, James for all the great eats.

And finally to: Tate & Dave... Shake and Bake Baby.

Adam..I have requested larger culverts for you, so you will have room for your scope.

Terry and Jim...spare cockpit bulb is in the mail.

Congrats to all the shooters who were able and willing to attend. Hope to see eveyone soon.

Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

What a great match, I had a blast.

A huge thanks to everyone that worked so hard to put this together; Frank, Jacob, Lindy, the Lisas, Wynn, Doc, John. I can just imagine the planning and logistical nightmare that goes into putting on a match, especially one that is this complex.

The prize table was staggering. Thanks to Frank from POF for the helo event and the rifle, GA for the winners rifle, COR BON for the ammo, Matt Burkett for the private pistol class, Premier for the S&B, USO, Badger, Scott at TacticsLLC for the loaded carbine and all of the other sponsors listed above.

Congrats to Matt, Todd and Tony B. Great shooting guys.

I'm looking forward to the next one.

Mar 11, 2008
West Sussex
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

This is my first ever post!
My user name is dedicated to the Glock 19 that Managed to draw blood!(maybe it happened to be the way I was holding it!)
An Englishman with a pisol, there's a thing!
It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many like-minded good people, thankyou to all that helped me in my novice status especially Jacob, Lindy, Frank, Lisa & Lisa and of Course Tony Burkes, Loy Burkes,"English"(Terry H) Ken Darnell, and Joe, not forgeting Matt Burkett who lean't me his Glock when mine jammed!
Congrats again Matt and Well shot.

What a fantastic week, i have never shot a tactical match or even atempted to shoot in any other position than Prone or off a bench, this is real shooting and requires a lot of skill and I will cetainly be practising from now on.

Anyway over and out from rainy cold windy England.

Gary Costello



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Jun 28, 2004
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Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Congratulations to all the shooters, it was a very tough match. As always, a special thanks goes out to Jacob/Lisa, Lindy/Lisa, Winn, John, Cris, and Roy. I must say the prize table was loaded $$$$. For all the sponsors, thank you, and keep producing great new gear. I can't wait till I get to shoot with you guys again. Shooter's Bash!!!!!!

Mar 11, 2002
Tulsa Oklahoma
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

It was an outstanding match.
Thanks to the Rifles Only crew. This being my third match there you are old friends and it is really good to see you all each time I do a match.
Thanks to all of the sponsors.
Time for me to go to some of the links and send the sponsors individual thanks.
Dec 4, 2003
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Thanks a lot LL and RO crew for planning a match during the month my first child was to be born. You created unneeded drama and conflict in my personal life. Because of your poor scheduling I was forced to choose between family and shooting. Next time check with me before you go scheduling a match.

Thanks a lot....... Jerks.
Nov 2, 2001
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

BritBlood - Great to meet and shhot with you. Good having you on my squad. Did Jacob get your hat back to you?


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Jul 9, 2001
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Andrew they weren't even sure you liked women so it was a 50/50 shot.

I really missed your constant "support" at the match. Tony was too busy coming in third to lend his "support" LOL

I threw a thank you into the SH Cup 08' thread but will put it in again as it is definately well deserved but the whole bunch down at Rifles Only. You guys did it again and did a great job. Thank you.

To the sponsors, thank you for your very generous support of the match. It makes it that much better to be able to get something after spending three days of tough competition. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less but everyone always gets something and that means alot. A big thank you.

Frank at POF, you went above and beyond with the helocopter and rifle. I know Kevin thanks you alot for that prize. He would have gave his left...well bad get one of those and now he has one.

Can't wait until the fall bash! Still looking at first weekend in Dec Frank?
Mar 11, 2008
West Sussex
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Sniper CJ
great meeting and talking to you and Susan!
and Yes I did get my hat, (thanks to Jacob) which i will wear on my next visit!
p.s the pen made it through customs, and I did end up walking funny afterwards!!!



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Mar 26, 2003
Rifles Only
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Next time check with me before you go scheduling a match.

Next time, check with the Rifles Only staff before having sex...



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Sep 25, 2001
Dallas Texas USA
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

...Start now....and with luck you'll miss the Fall bash too!

YMMV, hotel rooms and clean towels not included ,health insurance rate increase likely, tax, title and magic fingers are additional....
May 15, 2005
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Andrew whut could I add other than Suck it up. Or keep it in your fly my friend!!
Jody, Craig's Little brother


Jul 21, 2004
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Greetings Hide,

I'm finally back at a computer, after a too-short vacation....

I would like to extend my thanks to Frank, Jacob, Lindy and the crew, and all of the Sponsors. What a match, what a challenge! Like Okie Shooter, I am ready for another tomorrow, or next month, or ?... Again - Thank You!

When I was growing up, I never thought I would live past 18, 21, 30, 40,... and I keep proving myself wrong. Finally decided that I'm going to live for life - take advantage of my opportunities. Maybe I am too old for this kind of stuff, but I looked at this as "once in a lifetime", and put in. The experience was tremendous, and I wouldn't trade it for all of the gold in Ft. Knox. Indescribable.

It was good putting faces to many of the members here, and I truly felt priveledged to be on the line with you. My sincerest congratulation to you top finishers - you all had it together.

I hope to do it again, and again,...

These are memories that will last a lifetime.

Best regards,

Aug 28, 2004
Cornwall, England
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Finally home,

Thank you all at RO and Frank for yet another great train up and competiton. Learning could not be more enjoyable (even if you do realise your own failings!).The competiton, as always, was about what you do wrong rather than what you do right, I came away with more stuff to practrice.

Thank's also to the sponsors, the prize tables loaded with goodies and significant prizes, it is appreciated by all.

POF again sposored the helo event and its related carbine - if only semi's were allowed here
you'd have a customer.

Finally a thanks and 'hi' to friends at the match, to me half the effort of attending is made up for by the company you keep at RO, a better bunch of near-do-wells you could not hope to meet

You all stay safe and see you next time.

Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Finally have time to get a thank you note posted for the match and train up.
To the crew and staff, great job, great match. Demanding and yet with a level playing field due to the factory ammo and the factory Glocks. Kind of like a NASCAR© event!
Thanks to Jacob and Lisa for their continued support of my shooting and for your friendship. For those that don't know, Jacob has been my sniper rifle instructor for 3+ years. Pretty cool to win his match!
Frank, Lindy and everyone onsite! You rock!
Thanks to for the match rifle a .260 GAP crusader with a brake and a Badger mag system.
Thanks to for working so closely and sponsoring the match with their 175 loads!
Thanks to POF! Frank paid for the av gas for the helicopter and gave away a full .308 semi piston gun for winner of the event. That was awesome!
Thanks to all the sponsors of the match!
Thanks to the Englishman who flew the trophies all the way from gunforbiddenland.
Thanks to all the shooters that I got to spend time with in the train up!
Congrats to Tony for 3rd! Nice job brother!
Thanks to Kevin Elpers, my best friend, for making time to come down and there and shoot for a week. I know how busy your life is right now and that was pretty tough for you to do that. It was a great time brother and I appreciate it!
<span style="font-weight: bold">
BTW Right now I am broadcasting footage from the match and train up at:</span>
Haven't had a lot of time to clean it up so please forgive me for some of the errors on the tape. :)


Mar 24, 2003
Albuquerque, NM
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

WOW!!! What a cof...Good job Matt, not only on the video, but on your finish!! You are still the best!!

Awesome job on the cof, Jacob and Frank: you guys are EVIL!!!



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Oct 7, 2001
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Thanx for getting the Video MAtt and congrats again on your win!!



Feb 23, 2008
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

I do but I don't know how to post them. I got a group pic with the helicopter overhead....pretty neat... and then I have the back of heads of various shooters while I was in the helicopter.

Dec 12, 2003
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

Thanks again for putting on a great match. Brett and I had a great time and its well worth the 24 hour drive to get there will be sending letter of thank you to all the sponsors as soon as we catch up on our sleep. special thanks go out to everyone that helped make it happen and that gave me pointers. And it still has not sunk in all the way but thanks guys and night hawk customs.
hope to see you next year. and to everyone be safe and thanks again.
Sep 18, 2003
Gilbert AZ
Re: The "Official" Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: lindamartin88</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Congratulations to all the shooters. Specially Matt.

Really, is this a new generation of advertising spybot?