The "Nom Nom Nom" Thread


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Aug 7, 2011
i m sure i will find which knife she used sometime soon....
i dont care, ill keep it sharp for her...
when she gets hungry, thats it, get out of her way
Can't even begin to tell you how many knife tips my bride has snapped off. I've got like 6 or 7 knives she forbidden to even look at. The rest, meh. Have at it. :giggle:
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Jul 13, 2001
citrus park ,fl
im sure she cleaned the fuck out of the knife brfore she hammered it up, lol...
but again, this girl gets hungry? shes skinney and pretty,, but damn when shes hungry you best get her some chow.
Dec 2, 2011
Adelaide, South Australia
thanks Mike C for posting that for me.
dudes this stuff is good, get some cause it is real good...
A1J sent this and a couple of other things for me to try, and this is just the bomb. im no foodie, pretty regular type of a person, but this is good salmon.
My back has been out, so, i stay upstairs a little later in the morn, anywho... i get down and my beauty says firstly that she tried this salmon and she really liked it. like, she looked it up to see where we could get it, im impressed she doent like canned, she watches what w eat and canned food shuts her off. today she was hungry and tried them as a snack, did i say she really liked it and you all should try some?
Larry, your a stud, bro, always hookin someone up...
thankyou very much
im going to treat the rest of the canned fish and oysters as treats for us on fridays, stretch it out, one can a friday.
3 cheers to you buddy
So he sends you salmon and sends me this: Off the Christmas card list now.....

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