The "Nom Nom Nom" Thread


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Jul 13, 2001
citrus park ,fl
we let a guy cook his meats out by the highway on our property, which is named, gunn hwy, chuckle chuckle chuckle. great guy, but he started a bail bondsman business along w his painting business, and had gotten too busy to return on a regular basis...
so, he does partys and events in his spare time or for his family partys...

i have been supplying him his wood, oak and pecan. and because we always got along well, i really didnt even charge him for the wood. a little but no, hes cool.

when the smoker grill was here we ate great, and now if he was cooking locally i would drop off what ever i would like smoked and he would call when it was almost done

last night he swings in for wood and a tall boy... he is doing an event nearby, so i ask if he had gotten his meat yet and no, he did not...
you see where i am going w this
i ask to give him some money to do me up, well, hes trading the wood for the meat and the smokejob...

thats america baby,

3 cheers for my friend mike the bailbonds man...


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Oct 24, 2017
Making some summer sausage this weekend. Just finished stuffing the cases. Now sitting overnight before the slow cook process. Next year, promised my friends I would make sopressatta for Xmas.
Sep 7, 2011
Golden CO
That has me missing my ex-Mother in laws cooking. The only thing about her I miss.

I may have to go get me some pierogie from the nice Polish grocery. They are a true delight as you showed them.

Not a lot if pics, though momma and I had a nice dinner in on Friday night. Made some seared shrimp to start, baked potates, sautéd squash from the garden, and filets seared in cast and finished in the oven. Just a little butter on top about a minute after I flipped them on sear.

Aug 21, 2012
I just walked in the door from a long weekend in Boston. I guess I'll split it up and post one or two here and maybe something in "View".


grabbed some Lobstah, oystahs, and wicked good chowdah at the Blue Collar Lobster Co on the docks in Gloucester (Glahstah) Mass. All of it came to about $50, which is phenomenal for seafood prices up there.


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Jun 15, 2008
Mojo mustard criollo pulled pork, just now:




The Carolinas meet Cuba. Momma forgot to get the Holsum rolls, so I'm making do.

It's really good with a couple pickle chips to counter the slight bite, but the sodium in them makes my cardiologist cry.


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Jul 13, 2001
citrus park ,fl
thanks Mike C for posting that for me.
dudes this stuff is good, get some cause it is real good...
A1J sent this and a couple of other things for me to try, and this is just the bomb. im no foodie, pretty regular type of a person, but this is good salmon.
My back has been out, so, i stay upstairs a little later in the morn, anywho... i get down and my beauty says firstly that she tried this salmon and she really liked it. like, she looked it up to see where we could get it, im impressed she doent like canned, she watches what w eat and canned food shuts her off. today she was hungry and tried them as a snack, did i say she really liked it and you all should try some?
Larry, your a stud, bro, always hookin someone up...
thankyou very much
im going to treat the rest of the canned fish and oysters as treats for us on fridays, stretch it out, one can a friday.
3 cheers to you buddy


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Aug 7, 2011
You're more than welcome ya crazy bastard. I'm glad you're all enjoying it. Like I said in my text, I'll see if I can't hook you up with a local homeboy price for a case. Outta be able to get a pretty good deal. Stand by. ;)