The joys of France- a gun free country


Nov 2, 2010
South Texas
France is anything but gun free... they still have some of the most 2a-similar laws and views. In fact my friend Martin moved there after he retired in the UK because they let him keep his belt-feds and military collection that was verboten in England.

Want a suppressor? Walk in to any sporting goods store and they are 20 euros.

They may drop them and run every time a German says ‘boo’ but they are not a gun-free zone!

Cheers, Sirhr

thats interesting. my buddy who lives in Paris, who came last year to Texas and we went to my ranch with his uncle (who doesnt speak a lick of English), never said anything about being able to own all kinds of fun guns in France. in fact, they are in awe of our Castle Doctrine laws, and Julian was in their military for a few years. He didnt want to shoot with the suppressors, he wanted to shoot my ARs full out loud as shit and not give a damn.

im not saying what you've stated is wrong, it would just be very odd for my friend to never mention that he could have all the same awesome guns that i own. Because he didnt. and you're saying he can?


Non Sibi Sed Patriae
Oct 23, 2017
Southern Kommiefornia
Oddly enough, I understand the medical cert to stop the happy pill popping people from obtaining firearms and doing mass murder.... But here in 'murica people would just obtain their firearms through other means if they were dedicated.... So it's already moot.