Team Match - Rockcastle Precision Rifle - August 11th - Park City, KY


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Jul 11, 2018
Newburgh, IN
We will be hosting a team match on August 11th at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY. Format is as follows and link for registration is below. $70 per shooter, and only 80 slots available.
1. Shooters may select their own team-mate or be paired with another shooter at the match.
2. Shooters will share a common par time. It is each team’s choice how to make best use of the time allowed on each stage.
3. Both shooters will shoot the same course of fire for each stage and combined score for the team will be recorded.
4. Upon engage command both shooters will move into position and shooter 1 will begin engaging targets per the COF while shooter 2 spots and gives corrections to his/her team mate.
5. Shooter 1 can disengage at any time and allow Shooter 2 to take over, but once Shooter 1 disengages, he/she may not re-engage
6. Shooters are encouraged to help their team mate with corrections to targets and wind calls.
7. Teams will rotate shooting order each stage. Stage 1 will be shot 1,2,3,4, stage 2 will be shot 2,3,4,1, stage 3 will be shot 3,4,1,2, stage 4 will be shot 4,1,2,3.
After 4th stage, shooting orders will reverse. Stage 5 will be shot 4,3,2,1, stage 6 will be shot 3,2,1,4, stage 7 will be shot 2,1,4,3, and stage 8 will be shot 1,4,3,2.
8. Each team will spot for the team following them in the shooting order. Once a team has finished shooting the stage, they will become RO for the following team.
9. No rules govern which shooter on each team shoots first on a given stage. Shooters may maintain order or change at any time.…/register

Friday will be the last day to guarantee availability of a match shirt. Shirts will be A4 Moisture Wicking T-shirts in OD Green. I will try to have a few extras available, but supplies will be limited.