Team Assault Challenge (Colorado, 11-13 May)

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Jun 26, 2010
NW Colorado
We are pleased to announce the High Country Precision Team Assault Challenge, 11-13 May.
This is a two person team match being held on over 2000 acres of rugged high desert terrain in beautiful Northwest Colorado. This 3 day match will consist of a field course each morning where competitors will have 6 minutes to locate, range and engage targets at 6 or more separate stages.
Afternoons will consist of two to three run and gun style assault stages consisting of rifle/carbine, carbine/pistol and-or pistol/pistol scenarios. Both shooters will carry and employ sidearms throughout the course's of fire.
There will be no gear restrictions, however all equipment used must be carried throughout the course, approximately a 2 mile hike.
Teams will consist of a precision rifle shooter- .243-.30 cal./ 3150 fps max velocity, and a carbine shooter.
We will have two divisions, an Open and a Tactical Division. Those in the Open Division will be able to shoot any caliber or platform for the Carbine, with the only restriction being 30-cal max bullet diameter and 3150-fps max velocity. The Tactical Division will have the Carbine restricted to 5.56/.223 Rem, with a max bullet weight of 77-gr, and 20" max barrel length.
Unless otherwise directed by course discription and instructed by the Range Officer (RO), targets will be engaged in weapons order of pistol, carbine, and then precision rifle. Once another weapon system is employed, targets cannot be reengaged with a previously used weapons system. Teams shall use the same weapons throughout the match, i.e. the carbine shooter shall use only one carbine throughout the match. The rifle shooter shall use only one precision rifle throughout the match.
The use of armor piercing, steel core, and/or steel jacket ammunition is prohibited.
List of required equipment.
Mandatory Equipment;
- Precision Rifle with Sling
- Carbine with Sling
- Sidearms (.38 cal/9mm Min. 45 cal Max.)
- Hearing Protection
- Eye Protection (Mandatory Wear on Assault Courses, and when engaging steel targets under 50-yards in the field, no exceptions). Prescription eyewear meets requirements if lenses are plastic or shatterproof (safety) glass.
- Holster with Retention (Must pass retention test by holding holster upside down with full magazine in sidearm, and shaking aggressively. Sidearm should not fall out of holster).
- Binoculars (one pair per team)
- Timer, Stopwatch, Multifunction Watch, Smart Phone, or any other device that has a timer function (one per team).
Suggested Additional Equipment;
- Laser Range Finder
- Additional Binoculars
- Extra Magazines
- Tripod with Saddle
- Shooting Sticks
- Rear Bags (pillows)
- Ballistics Charts (Rifle and Carbine DOPE)
- Backpack or Rucksack
- Pen or pencil
- Water
- Snacks
- Sunscreen
- Hat
- Gloves
- Long pants
- Hiking boots
- Additional clothing for changing weather conditions.
About the course. The match area is located approximately 15-20 minutes West of Craig, Colorado. Altitude is between 6150 and 6300 feet above sea level, with some high angle shots reaching to nearly 6500 feet. Terrain consists of rugged sandy type soil, with some rock outcroppings, washes, and steep hillsides. Vegetation is a mix of tall grass, sage brush, prickly pear cactus, cedar, and pinion pine. Shade is scarce on this course, and temperatures in May can begin with below freezing and heavy frost in the mornings, and end with highs of 70 - 80 deg in the afternoons.
Registration is currently open, please visit to register.
Match registration fee is $400 per team.

Alpine 338

Jun 26, 2010
NW Colorado
Max target distances will be 800-900 for rifle, and 500-600 for carbine. We are still adding targets to the course, so once that's completed, well announce round count. On the field stages, carbine shooter will have unlimited rounds to hit the target, but precision rifle can only fire one round per target.
Jun 26, 2010
NW Colorado
Round count for the match; 175-rounds for the rifle, 350-rounds for the Carbine, 150-rounds (each shooter) for Pistol. Both Carbine and Pistol round count is based on two shots per target. Some shooters may only need one or two rounds to successfully engage a target, others may need multiple rounds. Bring extra rounds based on your experience level, and accuracy of your weapons systems.
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Jun 26, 2010
NW Colorado
Sunday will only be morning field courses. The last teams should be rolling in from the field NLT 1300. We will try to get scores finalized at that time, with the awards ceremony taking place shortly after that.
Jun 26, 2010
NW Colorado
The Team Assualt Challenge is quickly approaching. We still have a few team slots available. Please visit our website to register. If you have never competed in a team match, this is a good one to add to your bucket list. So grab a partner and come out and have some fun.

We are updating the courses with additional targets, and you may even find a few unique targets lurking in the woods.

We would like to thank the awesome sponsors who have stepped up to support the match so far.

Onix Defensive
MK Machining
Bison Tactical
Doloris River Rifles
Thunder Beast Arms Corporation
Huber Triggers
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks
Burris Optics
AA Targets
Hang Fast Steel Target Systems
Traust Shooting Bags
Mile High Shooting Accessories

Team Assault Challenge, 11-13 May, Craig Colorado


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