TBAC Takedown 22, AAC Element 2, Dead Air Mask 22......?


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Feb 26, 2013
Thunder Beast 22 Takedown, Advanced Armament Element 2, and Dead Air Mask suppressors all share a similiar baffle stack style design correct? I'm about to make my first 22 Long rifle only suppressor purchase. It will mainly be used on my bolt action 22's. I am concerned about a first round "pop" and that's why I'm looking more into the baffle stack designed ones. Am I missing any other excellent options? It's looking like a long wait for them so I figured it wouldn't hurt to place a thread on here to get some input.

I've got two local shops that deal Sig and AAC. Another deals with Silencerco and stocks the Sparrow but I think that's a mono core design so I'm not sure that's what I'm after. Does anyone have any opinions on which brand you would steer me for a 22lr only suppressor? I think I want something that is more durable than lightweight and certainly easy to clean. 1/2x28 thread and from what I understand direct thread is the best way to go for accuracy. I've been shooting 300 rounds of 22 a week and if I keep waiting to buy a suppressor I never will. Now is the time, I just want to do it somewhat informed. You guys actually use them so any thoughts or things I might not know as I've never had any NFA items please chime in!
Jul 2, 2014
I shoot 2- 22lr only suppressors. I like the TBAC Take down.
The other is a Surefire-- RYDER Not that it's bad,...., but I am very happy with the costumer service at TBAC. That keeps me going back.
Jan 2, 2018
Mask and Thunderbeast are all titanium and SS construction, click cup designs without FRP. Ryder only has a SS "backplate" and the rest of it is aluminum, not good choices of materials for a can. Alum limits your cleaning options (no ultrasonic), is easier to dent/deform, brittle, corrodes easier. Plus side of alum is it easier to machine and is lighter.

AAC has been sliding downhill ever since Freedom group took over and the original members bailed out. Customer service is a joke and if you are lucky to find parts (like the piston you need) grab it. Have a couple AAC cans, they work good (Ti-Rants) but AAC lost any future business with me over customer service issues that took literally over a year to resolve. Keep in mind remington just filed for bankruptcy.

Stick with the Mask or Takedown, those were the 2 choices I had narrowed it down to on my last 22 can. Mask went on sale so that made the choice easy. Only other can I'd reccomend is a sico spectreII, but it is longer and I think heavier than the other two. Sparrow is a monocore, I hate cleaning it and would not buy it again if I could go back in time, it does have FRP and is a pita to take apart and re-assemble.


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Feb 18, 2018
I like TBAC cans for rifles. Because the cans are top notch, repeatable and customer service is OUTSTANDING. I went with Dead Air for my pistol can though because TBAC don't make them. I really believe you can't go wrong with either company. Both are excellent and take care of their customers.


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Feb 11, 2017
I got 2 sparrows, love them, very quiet less noise than a daisy red rider.
About 2 mils of water shake out excess kills first round pop and its not much of a pop anyway.
Some of the guys use gel it stays till needed, I'm not shure how much.
They come apart for cleaning.

Would buy more sparrows.
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May 7, 2009
I hear great things about the Dead Air cans, but I am very partial to TBAC. I have the 22L-1, which is a full titanium construct, and it just works so well. I have to imagine the takedown is awesome, and from what I hear, it is.
Apr 28, 2013
Element 2 is a great can and I have no regrets buying it, but it is missing some features that the newer cans offer. The take-down requires a tool/pusher and the baffles don't "seal" off the inside of the tube like the other two options do making it a bit harder to clean. Performance wise, it is still right up there, and has virtually no FRP at all. Have shot it side by side with the Mask and there is essentially no difference to my ears. I have no experience with the TBAC so have no input on that one.

Like I said, I don't regret my purchase at all but if the Mask was an option when I bought mine, I probably would've went that route. Also, as stated above AAC seems to be slipping downhill faster and faster, so that could be a consideration as well. I have two AACs, a Cyclone and the Element 2, and have absolutely no complaints with them but I haven't needed any CS of any sort. Today, with the many options available, unless it was a smoking deal, I would probably look elsewhere.
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Jul 1, 2010
North of DFW airport
I picked up a Dead Air Mask and have been very pleased with it. It has seen action on both LR and 22Mag. I was surprised in the difference of dB rating from the Mask to my monolithic rimfire can. The stacked baffle design is noticeably quieter. Although I have not shot the TBAC Takedown but knowing the design is similar to the Mask, the Takdown would be an excellent choice.
Feb 4, 2014
Bought a takedown when they came out, love it. Being a dealer I’ve played with a lot of them and while the mask is good, it’s not as good as the tbac. Only can that I’ve found that compares to tbac is the rugged oculus I can’t tell the difference between the two sound wise but the oculus is modular and can turn into an itty bitty which is a lot of fun on a Walther p22 and eley contact ammunition
Jul 7, 2005
Western Kansas
My 1st 22RF can was a SWR (Silencerco bought them out) Spectre II, which has been excellent on my precision 22RF bolt repeaters. After a year of shooting three different rifles with the Spectre II, I couldn't be happier with it. It's heavier than all aluminum RF cans, but I've seen no POI shift with it vs w/o it on the sendero contour bbls on my 40X/40XB repeaters, and it's durable enough to be rated for the 5.7x28 CF round.

As good as the Spectre has been, I'm a TBAC fanboy, with three of their 30 cal CF cans, and just couldn't resist the temptation to try a 22TD. The stamp for it came in a couple of months ago, and I've been running it on a V-22 repeater. Don't have a sound meter to use in comparing the Spectre II & 22TD, but my impression is that they're very close - but then all I run through my custom bbls is match grade std vel ammo, which is pretty quiet anyway. Accuracy with both these cans has been excellent - I run them in matches, and if there was even the slightest negative effect on accuracy, I'd leave them at home. Bottom line - these are the only 22RF cans I've ever used, and as satisfied as I am with them both, it's highly unlikely I'll ever try anything else, even if suppressors were to be removed from the NFA list and were available w/o the wait on a stamp.
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Apr 24, 2001
Chesapeake, Virginia
TBAC 22 Take Down by a mile... I have 17 suppressors, of which 6 are rimfire, and the the TBAC 22 Take Down is the FIRST, aside from a Gemtech HMR($550 in 2010 plus $200 for the stamp, long since discontinued, and .17 HMR specific) that I felt was money INVESTED versus spent. FWIW & IMHO...

Regards, Matt.
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Jun 5, 2011
Pierce County, WA
Been using Liberty .22 cans. Get a Regulator and be done with it, seriously. Almost no FRP (NO FRP with 1cc of water) and makes almost no sound. Spooky quiet. Light and no tools required for takedown anymore. Only four parts IIRC. Baffle is monocore and it works damn fine and the stack never gets out of tolerance. It also doesn't require cleaning near as much as some of the others, you can go a few hundred rounds or more before needing to clean it.

It's better than the Essence, which costs almost twice as much too. Essence is a bit lighter, but not much.
Nov 10, 2013
To add a slightly different spin to my recommendation, I would say buy the can based on the company. If you are looking at the TBAC, Spectre 2, Rugged Oculus, and Dead Air Mask, they are all really nice and quiet. They can all come apart easily and clean up well. You mentioned one company in your question that I would avoid and that's just based off the simple fact that it's tough to get good customer support from a company that has a solid chance of going out of business.


Mar 26, 2010
Depending on how much you shoot, you may be taking it apart a lot. I have a gen 1 element and the gen 2 doesn't look any better. These cans are a PITA to take apart for cleaning. With aac gone tits up, drop them from your choices..

I have a SS Sparrow also, great can.
Feb 13, 2017
I have shot the Mask and it sounded great. When I went down this road I narrowed it down to the Mask and the TBAC.

Ultimately I went TBAC because of a great sale. I wouldn’t have worried about getting either of them though.

Pick whatever you can get cheaper and buy it.


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May 11, 2014
I went with a TBAC 22-TD just because I know TBAC makes solid stuff and I didn't want to overthink it.
Good call! TBAC is top shelf stuff.

I own a few 22 cans and have shot a bunch more. The differences in actual use are fairly minimal. Even first round pop is over hyped compared to what you hear in person.
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